Report: Robert Downey Jr. hints that Stallone’s “Poe” maybe next…

For many years now, Sylvester Stallone has been talking about writing/directing an Edgar Allen Poe biopic film simply titled, “Poe”. Stallone is not going to star in it, he’s just writing/directing. Could Stallone’s “Poe” be next after, “The Expendables”? That’s what Robert Downey Jr.’s saying.

Robert doesn’t say whether or not he’s playing Edgar Allen Poe, but all he’s said was he read the script, so sounds like Sly finalized the script for “Poe”.

See the article here:

I hope, “Poe” will be Sly’s next movie after, “The Expendables”. If Sly does “Poe” next, it has potential to be Oscar worthy. I can see Robert playing Edgar Allen Poe and it could be great acting if he’s casted. It be nice to see Sly back in the Oscars, and “Poe” could be a perfect opportunity for an Oscar nod for Best Director/Best Picture if Sly makes the film right which I’m sure he will.


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