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Video: I may not be a big fan of Bill Maher but for once I agree with him…

While Bill Maher is another one of those TV personalities with a mix of liberal and conservative views, I’ll have to say that I like what he did in this video. I’ve never been a fan of this guy but for once I agree with him.

That Muslim kid, Ahmed, may not have deserved what he got but still you can’t blame the school for being suspicious about that clock ’cause it did look like a bomb. Since that kid is a Muslim, you can’t blame the school for being suspicious about it since after all the years of violence Muslims have committed over the years especially 9/11/01.

Bill stated his opinion and honest thought but sure enough libtard media went on full attack mode on Bill. Saying that he’s wrong and they’re hurt that he doesn’t stand with Ahmed. Boo Hoo, cry me a fuckin’ river! One sided media, once again. The media is accusing Bill of not standing with Ahmed but if you listen to Bill in this video, he said he does support the kid and thinks the kid deserves an apology but at the same time, Bill explains the school’s reasoning for doing what they did.

That’s one thing I can’t stand about today’s mainstream media… they try to force you to side with the left on certain things. The intolerance of liberals is getting a lot worse. We can’t have different opinions than the left anymore. If we do, we have to get forced to cave in to the liberals and apologize. The world doesn’t revolve around liberals. Fucking pathetic.


Ahmed is just another Obama admin. hoax just a lousy attempt to get us to accept Islam…

Sorry Barack, buddy but you’re not fooling anyone, pal. I know you’re doing all you can to try to get America to accept Islam but it’s not gonna work. Not even some Muslim kid named Ahmed isn’t gonna work.

First we had to get forced to accept gay marriage, then we had to get forced to accept the transgender, then we have to get forced to accept that the Confederate Flag is racist and next we’ll have to get force to accept Islam.

I’ll never accept Islam.

Muslims aren’t wonderful and lovable people at all. Muslims are a bunch of sick, evil & disgusting pigs. They all need to rot and I really mean that by heart.