Sorry but Trump’s proposal on banning Muslims into US won’t end him, it’ll only make him even more powerful!!!

I’m seeing a lot of comments by libtards in social networking that they are hoping that Trump’s proposal of banning Muslims travelling into the USA is gonna end his presidential campaign. Nope. Once again, libtards being delusional. It’s only going to make him even more powerful, sorry to say. Hate to break it to ya.

It may not seem like it but almost most of the entire USA hate Muslims. It’s hard to see that most Americans hate Muslims ’cause the corrupt mainstream media likes to make Muslims look like good guys. This is a big part of why Trump is getting all of this support ’cause he’s the only one telling the truth about Muslims and people are loving him for it.

If you libtards believe that Muslims are good people and “peaceful”, I can’t wait until you get a knife to your throat or I can’t wait until you get your car hijacked and some Muslim takes over your car with a suicide vest. You’ll see how peaceful Islam is then. It really is disturbing how libtards came to loving Islam just because Obama and the media says Islam is “peaceful”. I think the liberal community should stop supporting Islam too ’cause you’ll be sorry if you keep continuing to defend Islam. One day we’ll be the ones to tell you, I toldjaso.

I think Islam becoming the new “race card” is pretty silly and stupid. Islam was never a race but I guess it is now, sadly.

I’m still seeing talk of Islam & Muslims all over my newsfeed and I can’t stand it. Really, I can’t. Liberals trying to prove that Islam is peaceful and right-wingers trying to prove that Islam is evil. There is something wrong with this country when you want to call everything and everyone “racist” ’cause someone wants to speak the truth.

Like I said above, Trump’s idea of banning Muslims to the US is not gonna end his campaign. It’s only gonna help him win the nomination and even get elected so deal with it. In my opinion, we should get rid of Islam altogether… ban that religion as a whole. If you side with Islam, you are encouraging violence as well so be careful how you think.


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