The truth about Islam treatment toward women… Donald Trump is right again…

Once again Mr. Trump says something that we’ve all been thinking for years. Hillary Clinton and all those so-called feminazis care about women in America and around the world so much but you never see them fighting for rights of Muslim women do ya? Mr. Trump is right once again that Islam men oppresses Islam women horribly.

It’s a proven fact Muslim men hate women. Why? It’s because the Quran teaches Muslims that women are worth less than a man. Meaning that Muslim men are more powerful than women. Why do you think Muslim women have to get forced to wear a hijab (or a headscarf)? When they go out on in public, Muslim women have to be forced to cover their face. Muslim women are not allowed to look men in the eye. A Muslim man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage.

Islam treatment toward women is no doubt pretty horrible and you don’t see any of those feminazis defending them. I wonder why?


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