There’s no such thing as “peaceful” Islam and “radical” Islam… Islam is Islam…

One thing I’m noticing that people are trying to do is that they’re trying to make us believe that not all Muslims are violent and hateful people. Many politicians, including presidential candidates has been trying to separate the two: “peaceful” Islam and “radical” Islam. To me there is no such thing. Islam is Islam to me. To me, all Muslims are pretty much the same. Even if some Muslims aren’t violent people, still though, the non-violent Muslims still sympathize terrorism. In other words, they encourage it. That has already been proven time and time again. It’s already been proven that Muslims celebrate terrorism and if you look in youtube, there’s plenty of footage of Muslims celebrating 9/11 and other attacks committed by Muslims.

I wish people would stop separating Islam from “Peaceful” to “radical”. To me, they’re all dangerous and evil people. While I do love Donald Trump and all, I don’t agree with everything he does and says. He’s one of those that likes to separate “Peaceful” and “radical” Islam. I know Trump is tough on Muslims which is part of why I love him but Trump is not tough enough. Instead of banning Islam temporarily in America, he needs to ban Islam permanently.

It still bothers me why Islam is getting all this protection by the liberal media and politicians. Islam doesn’t deserve all this protection. They don’t deserve the innocent victim card. They need to be exposed and suffer the consequences for doing dangerous things to people. You can’t blame people for being scared of Islam. We have every right to and it’s unfair that we have to be kind to Muslims. Liberals support Muslims when they shouldn’t be ’cause Muslims are doing things that upsets liberals like killing homosexuals for starters.

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks. I don’t like Islam. It’s not Islamaphobia ’cause there’s no such term anyways. We should have every right to be scared of Islam. Ya know, people who are anti-Islam don’t deserve to get criticized for bashing Islam ’cause why? We’re just looking out for ya is all. We love people and we want to protect everyone by saying who the enemy is. Yet all people want to do is call us racists and bigots. So sickening and wrong. All we’re doing is just trying to prove to you how evil and dangerous Muslims are.

You think Islam is peaceful? Go on twitter and check out some of the Muslim twitter accounts. You would see that they hate non-Muslim Americans. You would get death threats by them, you would get bullied & harassed by Muslims on twitter. A lot of muslim twitter accounts they would wish death upon Americans and they would post photos of dead-bodies and stuff too. It’s disgusting that twitter would allow that stuff on there.

I wish liberals would wake up and see what Muslims really are. Islam needs to be banned in America permanently for sure. Most liberals and independent voters can’t see the truth about Islam ’cause Islam is being protected by the media and most politicians. It’s real sad that people would rather listen to them and not us. All we’re doing is trying to warn people about Islam but we get treated like garbage for it.


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