Why Gary Johnson is nothing but a desperate loser…

I know the NeverTrump idiots are getting all excited ’cause they now have Gary Johnson to vote for since many of them are admitting that Bernie doesn’t have a chance. The NeverTrump idiots finally have an option. I don’t like that Gary Johnson asshole ’cause he’s nothing but a desperate loser. It seems like every election that happens, Gary Johnson is always in the race as a libertarian. The thing is nobody’s ever heard of Gary Johnson until Hillary and Donald Trump entered the race this year. Sure, Johnson is against both Hillary and Donald but the only reason he’s in the race is ’cause he’s trying to get the NeverTrump votes. He’s trying to get all the votes from people who hate both Hillary and Donald. Giving them an option. That’s all he’s in for. All the Bernie supporters who hate both Hillary and Donald are starting to support Gary johnson, I notice.

My question is why are most Bernie supporters who hate Hillary and Donald now supporting Gary Johnson? It’s simply because they are admitting that Bernie has no chance so they’re going to Johnson.

So what’s gonna happen when Bernie finally decides to endorse Hillary? My prediction is that they will probably stop supporting Bernie for good and go to Gary Johnson. I can see why Bernie supporters would go to Gary Johnson ’cause Johnson has some similar views as Bernie does.

I don’t like Gary Johnson ’cause much like Bernie Sanders, Johnson is too friendly with Muslims and illegal aliens. Plus Johnson is too weak on Border Security and he’s all for open borders. Gee, no wonder Bernie fans are going to Johnson ’cause Bernie fans believe that Muslims and illegal aliens doesn’t deserve all this hate they’re getting. I’ll have a rant about that in a different post.

Gary Johnson is a desperate loser who thinks he’s got a chance in the election by taking all the Trump haters. That won’t work ’cause remember Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tried to get the NeverTrump votes as well but they failed. Sorry but Johnson will never become Prez. The NeverTrump crowd has a small audience and Gary Johnson is proof of that.


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