Reasons why Bernie Sanders is a nutjob #3: We must do something about Climate Change, it’s a real threat…

I’ve never really believed in this Climate Change garbage that Obama and Sanders like to ram down our throats all the damn fuckin’ time. I’m getting real tired of this “Lets Improve The Earth” shit. The Earth is what it is. There is no way you can make it better ’cause I don’t believe in Climate Change at all. It’s just make-believe garbage that Sanders, Obama and Neil Young have been politicizing for no reason at all. They’re just wasting their time. Trying to get more publicity for themselves.

They all think the weather on this planet is all man-made? Really?

Climate Change

I think all this green-energy stuff is all garbage too. I don’t think all those solar panels that people get for their homes isn’t gonna help the environment so that stuff is a waste of money. Climate Change is a joke. There’s no way you can control the weather ’cause I really believe that mother nature is real.

When people like Obama and Sanders think Climate Change is a threat to our lives just makes me laugh. Yeah, Earth undeniably has a pollution problem with all the factories and vehicles in America but trying to fix the pollution problem isn’t gonna improve the Earth’s weather. The Earth is what it is. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and other natural disasters happen whenever they want to. Those things will happen no matter how you clean up the Earth.

I’ve always believed that this “Improve the Earth” campaigning that some people do is pretty silly. We’re fine. We’ll live. So enough of the Climate Change bullshit already!


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