Why Trey Gowdy’s “Benghazi Select Committee” turned out disappointing…

So Trey Gowdy is finally done with the “Benghazi Select Committee” which is actually good ’cause like I said before that whole investigation was a joke. I mean, Trey promised to get the whole truth, nothing but the truth but we didn’t get that. Instead Trey Gowdy ended up telling us all what we already knew… Hillary should have been more aware of the attacks and she should have done something about it. It’s like, come on, duh. We all knew.

Another thing this investigation really didn’t expose Barack Obama like we were all hoping. Of course, exposing Barack Obama over Benghazi would be hard to do because he covered his tracks too damn good. Everybody knows that the Benghazi attacks was orchestrated by the Obama administration. It’s just that Trey Gowdy couldn’t prove it yet. Instead, he gave us the answer that we already knew, Hillary should have been more aware.

In my opinion, Trey Gowdy should have kept the committee going to get every last bit of information like he promised but he didn’t do that at all. Instead, he ended the “Select Committee” shortly before the General Election. So I’m finally agreeing that this Select Committee was a waste of time and tax payer money for sure. All those so-called conservatives out there are getting all excited that Gowdy exposed Hillary but it’s still not over. There’s still a lot more truth to get out of Benghazi. I still wanna know how Ambassador Stevens really died and they didn’t give us that either. I wanna know who planned that whole attack.

Hillary want us to move on from Benghazi but we won’t. We won’t on move until those are held accountable and thrown in prison. It ain’t over until it’s over. It ain’t over by a long shot. Get Donald Trump in office and he’ll get to the truth of Benghazi. Gowdy’s “Select Committee” didn’t solve anything. It turned out to be right vs. left politics like usual.

Anybody that thinks Hillary and Barack are innocent over Benghazi is a stupid fucking idiot and I won’t be afraid to say that directly to your face either. Whether terrorists organized the Benghazi attacks or the Obama administration did it, either way I don’t care. I just want people in prison and those held accountable that did it.

Trey Gowdy is just another “all talk, no action” politician. We need Trump to put together a real investigation!


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