“American Sniper” box office hit… could it win “Best Picture” at the Oscars???

Well, it doesn’t really surprise me at all that “American Sniper” would become a box office hit. Why? Probably because Chris Kyle is a pretty popular war hero. They don’t call him a “legend” for nothing. Plus I’m sure Eastwood directing it and Brad Cooper starring in the film helped the box office draw as well.


This movie and the Chris Kyle story itself is definitely more “conservative” than liberal. Why? It’s because “right wingers” are more interested in Chris Kyle than liberals. When was the last time you saw liberals paying their respects to a war hero? When you see a liberal talking about Chris Kyle, chances are they’re gonna be talking about all kinds of negative and disrespectful things about him and stuff. I’ve had idiots on here saying Chris Kyle is not deserving of all this recognition and had a dumb liberal writing me hate mail saying that Chris Kyle is a war monger and murderer.

Liberals don’t really have an interest in war heroes.

Plus, what makes this movie more conservative is that Chris Kyle was totally against gun control. He was a pretty big 2nd amendment supporter and stood up for it. That could be another reason why “right-wingers” respect him.

My question is will “American Sniper” movie win “Best Picture”? I’m hoping and praying. I have a feeling it won’t ’cause “Best Picture” is probably gonna end up going to “Selma”. “American Sniper” would be the right choice to win “Best Picture”. Chris Kyle has never been honored ever since his death and this movie winning “Best Picture” would be the perfect way to honor a war hero. If Obama continues to refuse to honor Chris Kyle, then we’ll honor Chris ourselves in someway and he would have been proud if “American Sniper” won “Best Picture”.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Chris K. deserves to be honored and more recognition. His story deserves to get told.

Honestly, I still think Obama had Chris K. murdered. That’s probably why Obama refuses to acknowledge his heroism since his death.

Watch the video below of the real Chris Kyle himself talking about a variety of topics. You can see how “conservative” he is.


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