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Congrats Jesse Ventura… enjoy the big pay day you heartless piece of shit!!!



Welp… look like Jesse Ventura won his lawsuit against Chris Kyle’s wife/widow. Jesse Ventura sued her ’cause Chris wrote in his book “American Sniper” that Chris punched Jesse in the face after Jesse said to Kyle that he deserved to lose a few Navy Seals during war. Jesse and Chris had a bit of a bar room brawl. Jesse claims that story was false and claims that he never knew who Chris Kyle was and never met him.

Man, I wish Chris was still alive. I’m sure things would have been a little different. I know Jesse already sued Chris before he died but he vowed to keep the lawsuit going after his death.

Jesse is a selfish anti-American piece of garbage. I never really liked the guy to begin. Ventura has always been a bit of a douche.

How much do you wanna bet that Ventura is lying when he claims that he never knew Chris Kyle? He figures now that Chris died it would be easier for Jesse to get away with it. I’m sure Chris would have defended himself if he was still here. Chris was a pretty tough dude who didn’t like to get messed with.

Enjoy the free cash, Ventura. I’m sure he’ll buy himself a couple of nice cars with it.


RIP Chris Kyle…

1 year ago today, America’s “most lethal sniper” was killed at a shooting range. Chris Kyle was a man who loved what he did… defending and protecting America, a country that he loved. 1 year ago today, here we are… w/ no honoring by the US Government. President Obama totally ignored Chris Kyle. Kyle got no Medal of Honor, no half staff flag, no nothing. Instead Obama gave the half staff flag to Whitney Houston and gave the most attention to Nelson Mandela. This is why I totally believe that Chris Kyle is another one of President Obama’s murder victims. If Obama won’t give him any acknowledgement or respect then something’s gotta be up. Kyle is a true hero who had 255 kills during war which is worthy of Medal of Honor. RIP Chris, and thanks for serving America.


Report: Steven Spielberg to bring, “American Sniper”, to the big screen with Bradley Cooper set to star…

Bradley Cooper has been developing a project called, “American Sniper”, which is based on the book and it’s about the true life-story of Chris Kyle; the Navy SEAL who was tragically killed earlier this year. Steven Spielberg is set to direct and this will be considered his follow-up since his historical movie, “Lincoln”.

I think Spielberg is the perfect choice to direct a movie like this. If you seen the movie, “Munich”, Steven is great with sniper scenes and his unique camera work. “Munich” was a great film, and I would assume that they plan on making, “American Sniper”,  something similar.

The White House and the Obama administration may continue to ignore the death of Chris Kyle but at least he’s getting some acknowledgement by the movie industry. It’s very sad what happened to Chris, and his story can’t be ignored. I think that’s the point of this film is to help bring it to the world’s attention. It is insane how Obama continues to ignore Chris and not even give him a Medal of Honor when he clearly deserves it.  Chris is and was a true American hero. He did a great service for us. Sad that he was killed by some nut job at a shooting range. I don’t know why the White House continues to ignore Chris. Chris continues to get ignored by the government, yet they congratulate this black basketball player for coming out as gay. What’s wrong with that picture?

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to “American Sniper”, and looking forward to seeing what Spielberg plans to do with the film. I haven’t read the “American Sniper” book, but will get to it soon.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.