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So John McCain has brain tumor… does Hillary Clinton have the same thing???

While my heart goes out to John McCain and prayers goes out to his friends and family, I’m going to point out of the fact that the media keeps ignoring that Hillary has health problems as well.

The news of McCain having brain tumor doesn’t surprise me really ’cause the man hasn’t been himself lately. He also hasn’t been looking too good lately either. Anyway, does Hillary have the same thing? Does she have brain tumor/brain cancer herself? Above is a video compilation of her strange mannerisms throughout the campaign trail. Hillary violently shaking her head up and down for no reason, bad speaking skills, coughing, collapsing for no reason, very slow walking, standing next to a stool on stage so she can grab on to something in case she falls, etc. I can go on and on.

If the media is capable of being honest about McCain’s health then why won’t they be real about Hillary’s? That woman has been looking horrible for the past year and her health is getting worse… yet she continues to stay in the public eye and keeping herself in politics. She won’t leave public life ’cause this woman is such a narcissist. She loves the attention and she’s desperate to become president no matter the condition she’s in.

Why is the media so secretive about her health? What do they have to hide? We all know there’s something wrong with her. They aren’t fooling anyone. Do you notice that the media are always realistic about the health problems of Republican politicians but they refuse to be realistic on Democrats health problems? They’re secretive on the health problems of all Democratic politicians. No doubt, there is something wrong with Barack Obama, he’s looking too skinny, his speaking voice is getting horrible and his face doesn’t look good lately. Bill Clinton isn’t look good either so is there something wrong with him as well? The media even covered up Harry Reid’s health problems about his eye.

Anyhow, back to John McCain… I wish him well and hope he gets a speedy recovery. I’m not a big fan of his politics anymore like I used to be but he still has my respect. I remember voting for him in the 2008 elections when he ran against Obama.