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When conservatives attack Donald Trump, they weren’t real conservatives to begin with… so f**k them…

So because more conservatives and more GOP candidates have been attacking Donald Trump lately doesn’t mean he’s wrong. All that is proving is how politically correct the right can be as well. Some right wingers think they are “conservative” but they are not. They’re just liberals pretending to be “conservative”. Donald Trump is the true hardcore conservative and everybody knows it. That’s a big part of why I think a lot of people are getting scared of the guy. He’s driving both parties crazy and that’s a good thing.

Why are some of the GOP candidates attacking Donald Trump and disagreeing with him a lot lately? Probably because they’re just trying to take away some of Trump’s voters which isn’t working. More and more conservatives attack those who condemn Trump for saying things. Notice that?

Keep in mind that the elections are just around the corner and Trump’s “haters” are gonna do whatever it takes to destroy the guy hoping he would step down from the election. As the election gets closer, people will always do whatever they can to destroy him. People are just scared of Trump becoming the next president. Trump made the other GOP candidates look weak and they are forgettable now.

I have been noticing that some so-called “conservatives” have been bashing Donald Trump on twitter so I just block them all. This is the only reason why some are siding with McCain, they’re hoping to turn off Trump’s voters. Some of Trump’s voters already turned their backs on him but they were fake conservatives too. You’re a true conservative when you stand by him and not take anything he says seriously.

Obama has been doing so many offensive things to the military over the years like the Chattanooga shootings for example and Obama never gets any outrage. What about when Obama left 4 Americans dead in Benghazi but libtard media and the left never gave him any outrage for it. People give Obama a free pass in everything. Obama can say and do all kinds of offensive things to the military and Obama gets no flak.

Yet everybody is worried about what Trump says. If you’re a Trump hater then you are probably a liberal. They’re always gonna find ways to make Trump look bad but all it’s doing is helping him like I said before. More and more people support Trump ’cause they love how he fights back at the PC crowd. Everybody wants to be politically correct on everything and Trump is fed up with it.
That’s why Trumps polls are surging and getting higher.

Some predict that Trump is not gonna win the nomination but I think he will so keep the hate going. He’s doing good driving both sides crazy. It’s what he needs to do to win the nomination.

So when people condemn Trump for his comments they are only making themselves look bad. When you side with McCain instead of Trump, you know what that tells me? It means that you agree with McCain’s comments that we’re all crazy. John McCain wasn’t just referring to Trump’s supporters either, McCain was referring to America as a whole. So to give Trump the backlash instead of McCain is absolutely ludicrous. Like I said, it’s McCain who went out of line but everybody gave him a free pass ’cause of his “war hero” status. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Get fucking real, people! *yawn*


Sharyl Attkisson facts checks on Trump’s “McCain is no war hero” comment, screw the Washington Post…

Did anybody actually listen to Trump’s speech when he made that statement about “McCain being no war hero”? I think Republicans and Liberals are taking it way out of context…

Sharyl Attkisson here clears it all up pretty good.

Read and learn…


I believe it was the Washington Post that first reported the story and this was the article she was referring to:


You gotta watch out. The mainstream media will do anything for “click bait” and will do anything to destroy people for the elections. The Washington Post trying to make Trump look bad. That’s what the media does, they wait for Trump to say something and they will “cherry pick” and leave out things to make it look like that Trump said something “offensive” when he didn’t.

Fuck the Washington Post, seriously. Anybody who reads that liberal rag is a loser.

Media trying to do whatever it takes to destroy Trump but it’s not working. It’s only making him more popular and more powerful so they should keep it going. Just giving him more reasons to be elected.


Liberals have no right to defend John McCain when all they did was call Chris Kyle a traitor and a coward!!!

Oh wow… liberals defending a republican Senator who was once a POW war vet. Liberals have no right to defend McCain and his war hero status when all they did was attack Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Libs attacked Chris Kyle’s war hero status by calling him a traitor and a coward. Now they’re feeling sorry for McCain? More libtard hypocrisy, nothing new here people.

Like I said before, liberals bashed the hell out of McCain during the 2008 elections and now they’re being all “lovable” over him since Trump is calling him out.

When was the last time liberals respected war heroes and military men? They continue to show disrespect toward the 4 men who were killed at Benghazi.

So yeah, libtards have no right to feel sorry for McCain. Hypocrites they are. Libtards are hypocritical idiots like they usually are. Move along, folks!


Once again John McCain doesn’t deserve to get a free pass ’cause of him being a “prisoner of war” vet…

^^^^^^ This tweet is right on the money.

Just a reminder that McCain took his secret visit to Syrian Rebels (which later they became ISIS). McCain aided the enemy and these photos are the proof.

McCain is a traitor. On top of that, he was the one who started this feud with Trump by calling his supporters “crazies”.

Is McCain thinking about running for president again? Is that what it’s looking like?

McCain is a corrupt politician and RINO like the rest of them.


Donald Trump is right to slam John McCain…

Donald Trump just keeps getting more and more interesting. A few reasons why McCain deserves the smackdown from the Donald:

1. McCain failed to beat Obama in the 2008 election when he easily could have.

2. McCain betrayed the American people by making that surprise visit to Syria which helped start ISIS.

3. McCain is a liar, corrupt and nothing but a RINO.

And people give him a free pass by calling him a “war hero” and a POW?

Last time I checked, liberals bashed the hell out of McCain around the 2008 election and now they’re feeling sorry for him that Trump is calling him out?

The reason Trump called him out ’cause McCain called his supporters a bunch of “crazies”. Of course, lib media and even some Republicans are saying that Trump went way out of line when it’s McCain who went out of line by calling us a bunch of “crazies”. McCain called us “crazies” and doesn’t get any flak for it. Instead the flak goes to Trump.

I think people are getting scared of Trump ’cause they know he’s gonna be our next president. Lib media is scared of him and so are some republicans.

Some would accuse me of being a supporter of Trump just because he’s running for president now. Wrong. I’ve always been an admirer of Trump for years. Even before he started running. I used to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” all the time and watched many of his conservative speeches. Seen too many of his interviews too. I’ve always liked the Donald.

He tells the truth and tells it like it is which is why people like him. He’s fighting back at the political correct crowd which not many people do these days. Donald Trump is the freakin’ man!


If you trust Obama on his fight toward ISIS, then you are an idiot…

Last thing you want to do is trust Obama on his fight toward ISIS. If you believe what he says is trustworthy and honest, then you are an idiot.

You know Barack is full of shit when he claims destroying ISIS will be a long struggle. You know he is full of shit when he claims that our U.S. Troops fighting ISIS themselves isn’t the answer. The truth is, destroying ISIS shouldn’t be all that hard. Why can’t our US troops fight ISIS themselves instead of them training Iraqi militants? That’s what the U.S. Military is supposed to do and that’s why they’re around so they can sacrifice themselves to kill enemies such as ISIS and other terrorists. Have the U.S. Troops battle ISIS themselves instead of militants. Kill ISIS by shooting them all and bombing them all to death… Problem solved??? It’s that easy. It’s that Obama is just trying to make it look difficult to destroy ISIS when it shouldn’t be.

If Obama is trying all he can to make it look difficult to destroy ISIS then he’s hiding something and being secretive about something. What’s his real goal with ISIS? He and the Pentagon created ISIS together, they wouldn’t kill what they created. They’re doing something with ISIS either topple Assad or take over America or both.

Don’t trust Obama. If you believe what he says is credible only because he says it, once again you’re an idiot.

ISIS is not that tough as Obama tries to make them out to be. I mean, Isis has all kinds of military style machine guns and vehicles, where do you think they got that stuff from? The U.S. Government duh.

You should be afraid of Obama and this admin. With the handling of ISIS. You shouldn’t be afraid of ISIS, you should be afraid of Obama himself.


Report: John McCain wants to make TV cheaper for America…

Senator McCain maybe America’s most hated politician but looks like he’s trying to redeem himself by introducing a new bill to Congress that could help make TV cheaper and more affordable to everyone. McCain appears to be fed up with the high pricing of cable TV just as much as we are, and he wants to put a change to that. So he introduced a new bill to Congress called, “The Television Consumer Freedom Act”, a bill that allows the consumer to choose the channel in their subscriptions instead of the overpriced bundle thing.

While it’s a nice idea, and I actually like this bill a lot, it’s going to be kind of tough to get it passed through Congress for it to get handed to the President for consideration. Getting a bill signed into a law is not an easy process. It has to go through all of these things first before it’s handed to the President. First, it needs to get reviewed by the committees and subcommittees where it can be accepted, amended or rejected. If it’s accepted, then it’ll get passed to the full committee and if they like it, the bill will get passed to the Senate for consideration. Then the Senate will debate it, discuss it, and vote on it. It must be passed through both houses of Congress before it’s handed to the President, though. Even if the Senate agrees to the bill, and it’s handed to the President, that still doesn’t mean the bill went through. The President has the power to throw the bill out if he doesn’t agree with it and he has the right to sign it too. They have a long road to get up there.

The bill is a nice idea and will change American history if the bill actually gets signed by the President if it gets that far. I agree that cable TV is ridiculously high these days, and I wish they would cut down the prices of the sports PPVs too. While I do love watching wrestling, boxing, and UFC; I don’t watch any of their ppvs ’cause they’re so pricey.

McCain is doing a good thing and it’s a worth a try. Even though, he’s not everyone’s favorite politician, I’m sure he just got a little respect from the people for this one time. I hope this bill does go as far as getting to the President to get signed by him. Will Obama go for it, though? I think he would. Obama seems to be a big TV lover himself, and he might even agree with the bill.

More on the story, here.


To the American People: Are You Sure You Voted the Right Guy???

To The American People,

Are you sure you voted the right guy? Yesterday was the first President News Conference since the election. That news conference is just further proof on how much of an evil son of a bitch, President Barack Obama really is. Lesser of the two evils? Are you sure? The president has evil written all over his face, and let me explain to you how evil he was at the News Conference yesterday.

So what is the real reason for General Petraeus resigning? Do they have something to hide about Benghazi? Did President Obama himself plan the Benghazi attack? What are they covering up and lying about this time? Also, what is the whole deal with Susan Rice? What’s the whole deal with Obama acting like a tough guy saying stuff like, “If they want to go after somebody, then they should go after me”? Oooooh, tough guy, President Obama. I believe that McCain and Graham are doing a good thing for trying to block Susan Rice from getting a nomination of Secretary of State, about her comments about the Benghazi attacks. She said some hurtful things to the American People, and lied about some stuff. She denied every time that the Benghazi attacks was an act of terror, and that’s exactly how she is hurting us. She doesn’t deserve the Secret of State promotion, and that evil woman, deserves all the bad karma that is coming after her.

HEY MR. PRESIDENT! Why don’t you show respect to the 4 Americans that died there and give us an explanation, yet, you go out of your way to kiss Susan Rice’s ass.

And I don’t believe all the shit he said about the fiscal cliff. I don’t think they’ll be able to do anything to stop it in 2013. He’ll make the economy much worse on us. I don’t think Obama will give us immigration reform like he promised us many times. If you believed what he said about immigration reform yesterday, he will keep us waiting on it. I don’t believe for a second, he will get together with Governor Romney on our nation’s problems that he was asked about. They hate each other and I don’t see them getting together any time soon.

Do you really believe this guy will be a better president second term? I give him props for admitting to being a bad president last term and he will continue to be a bad president next term. He won’t get any better. He will continue to destroy this country, if we don’t get him impeached soon. To all those dems and liberals. Don’t just support him because of equal opportunity and for human rights. You must look at how he runs this country. You must look at all the crimes and bad things he has done in the past. He won’t only hurt us financially, he will hurt us emotionally, and physically too. I support human rights, don’t get me wrong. There are more important things like loving this country and being alive as an American, that comes first. Equal rights and opportunity comes last. That is why I choose to be a die-hard conservative and Republican.

Don’t be surprised if President Obama continues to commit more crimes and plan more attacks on other countries, in the future. Why do we keep getting attacked? Why do other countries hate us? It’s because President Obama is the terrorist. The guy is a madman and should not be our president.

I am Kev, and I approve this message.

Report: Jackson Browne vs. John McCain feud is settled, Replubican party admits they were wrong and offered apology to singer…

The Jackson Browne vs. John McCain feud is over with. Last year during the President election, the McCain campaign used “Running On Empty” without Browne’s permission. Browne filed lawsuit against McCain and the Republican party. They admitted they were wrong,  they apologized to Jackson Browne, and promised they will never use any of his songs in the future.

More on it here:


Respecting copyright is very important in the music industry. Music fans may not fully understand copyright yet, but even greedy politicians don’t even understand it.

If you own your music and if someone uses it without permission, you have the right to control it how you wish.