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To the American People: Are You Sure You Voted the Right Guy???

To The American People,

Are you sure you voted the right guy? Yesterday was the first President News Conference since the election. That news conference is just further proof on how much of an evil son of a bitch, President Barack Obama really is. Lesser of the two evils? Are you sure? The president has evil written all over his face, and let me explain to you how evil he was at the News Conference yesterday.

So what is the real reason for General Petraeus resigning? Do they have something to hide about Benghazi? Did President Obama himself plan the Benghazi attack? What are they covering up and lying about this time? Also, what is the whole deal with Susan Rice? What’s the whole deal with Obama acting like a tough guy saying stuff like, “If they want to go after somebody, then they should go after me”? Oooooh, tough guy, President Obama. I believe that McCain and Graham are doing a good thing for trying to block Susan Rice from getting a nomination of Secretary of State, about her comments about the Benghazi attacks. She said some hurtful things to the American People, and lied about some stuff. She denied every time that the Benghazi attacks was an act of terror, and that’s exactly how she is hurting us. She doesn’t deserve the Secret of State promotion, and that evil woman, deserves all the bad karma that is coming after her.

HEY MR. PRESIDENT! Why don’t you show respect to the 4 Americans that died there and give us an explanation, yet, you go out of your way to kiss Susan Rice’s ass.

And I don’t believe all the shit he said about the fiscal cliff. I don’t think they’ll be able to do anything to stop it in 2013. He’ll make the economy much worse on us. I don’t think Obama will give us immigration reform like he promised us many times. If you believed what he said about immigration reform yesterday, he will keep us waiting on it. I don’t believe for a second, he will get together with Governor Romney on our nation’s problems that he was asked about. They hate each other and I don’t see them getting together any time soon.

Do you really believe this guy will be a better president second term? I give him props for admitting to being a bad president last term and he will continue to be a bad president next term. He won’t get any better. He will continue to destroy this country, if we don’t get him impeached soon. To all those dems and liberals. Don’t just support him because of equal opportunity and for human rights. You must look at how he runs this country. You must look at all the crimes and bad things he has done in the past. He won’t only hurt us financially, he will hurt us emotionally, and physically too. I support human rights, don’t get me wrong. There are more important things like loving this country and being alive as an American, that comes first. Equal rights and opportunity comes last. That is why I choose to be a die-hard conservative and Republican.

Don’t be surprised if President Obama continues to commit more crimes and plan more attacks on other countries, in the future. Why do we keep getting attacked? Why do other countries hate us? It’s because President Obama is the terrorist. The guy is a madman and should not be our president.

I am Kev, and I approve this message.