Donald Trump is right to slam John McCain…

Donald Trump just keeps getting more and more interesting. A few reasons why McCain deserves the smackdown from the Donald:

1. McCain failed to beat Obama in the 2008 election when he easily could have.

2. McCain betrayed the American people by making that surprise visit to Syria which helped start ISIS.

3. McCain is a liar, corrupt and nothing but a RINO.

And people give him a free pass by calling him a “war hero” and a POW?

Last time I checked, liberals bashed the hell out of McCain around the 2008 election and now they’re feeling sorry for him that Trump is calling him out?

The reason Trump called him out ’cause McCain called his supporters a bunch of “crazies”. Of course, lib media and even some Republicans are saying that Trump went way out of line when it’s McCain who went out of line by calling us a bunch of “crazies”. McCain called us “crazies” and doesn’t get any flak for it. Instead the flak goes to Trump.

I think people are getting scared of Trump ’cause they know he’s gonna be our next president. Lib media is scared of him and so are some republicans.

Some would accuse me of being a supporter of Trump just because he’s running for president now. Wrong. I’ve always been an admirer of Trump for years. Even before he started running. I used to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” all the time and watched many of his conservative speeches. Seen too many of his interviews too. I’ve always liked the Donald.

He tells the truth and tells it like it is which is why people like him. He’s fighting back at the political correct crowd which not many people do these days. Donald Trump is the freakin’ man!


One thought on “Donald Trump is right to slam John McCain…”

  1. He tells the truth and while that gets him some admirers, he also loses a lot of support among those he chooses to criticize. As you rightly pointed out, he gets more and more interesting 🙂

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