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John McCain slammed the hell out of Obamacare on the Senate floor today, liberals tear him apart on twitter…

If you want to know what being “courageous” is, this is it right here. Sen. John McCain was just diagnosed with brain cancer and battling something serious but that didn’t stop him from coming back to the Senate to fight against something serious. It’s not stopping him from speaking his mind and doing something for the American people. To me that is very heroic and I think McCain just won over my respect again. You can love or hate McCain all you want to, this was pretty ballsy of him to do. When you have something serious like brain cancer, you need to take it easy and rest but McCain doesn’t believe in that. This man is a fighter and this is proof of that. He knows what making sacrifices is like and he just did that here. This man doesn’t care what condition he is in… when he’s ready to deliver a message to the American people, he’ll do it.

I’m sure his doctors advised him not to go ’cause he needed his rest and all that stuff but he wasn’t having it so he went back to work anyways. Bravo, Senator McCain! He wanted to do something important for the American people and he wasn’t going to sit home and watch the diabolical Obamacare continue to destroy America. Obamacare sucks and it’s gotta go. Hopefully it gets repealed this week and we can finally say RIP to the ACA. I hope and pray that Republicans do the right thing. All we can do is cross our fingers for now.

Liberals think John McCain is such a hero… well, how do you like him now? I’m now seeing liberals on twitter ripping McCain apart. Funny after seeing liberals feeling sorry for McCain after Trump allegedly saying that he’s no war hero (if you believe that Trump actually said that, you’re so naive and dumb).

This is the McCain I want to see: him fighting for the American people. I used to dislike McCain ’cause he’s such a RINO, siding with liberals on a lot of things. I think McCain did real good this time. Thank you, Senator!