Video: “John McCain Traitor: By Vietnam Vets and Pow’s”…

Does McCain care about POW’s and war vets as he claims? Does McCain really deserve to be hailed as a hero for being a POW and all?

Check out this video that has interviews from other vietnam vets and POW’s who are against McCain. McCain opposed the Senate Select Committee On POW/MIA Affairs. McCain was involved in a POW cover up along with John Kerry. They withheld information about MIA troops and kept that info from POW families.

More info here:

McCain lied about his torture as showed in this video.

So does McCain deserve to be hailed as a hero? No… absolutely not. So let Donald Trump call him out. I think this stuff in the video is what Trump was referring to when he says McCain does little for our veterans and this video backs Trump’s point up for sure.


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