I’ve been trying to warn people how much of a joke the Washington Post is for a long time…


For many years on my blogs, I’ve been trying to warn you all that the Washington Post is the most dishonest newspaper I’ve seen but my liberal readers did nothing but defend the paper. Maybe this will finally get them to see that the Washington Post is such a joke:


Like everyone else, I too am getting sick of the media’s obsession with Trump & Russia. The media has quickly turned into the new tabloids. That’s what they pretty much are. They make “The National Enquirer” look more credible. LOL!

I hate the mainstream media. I hate pretty much all news media. I stopped watching the news on TV a long time ago and I try not to read news on the internet either.

The MSM sucks and if you take what they report seriously and find them truthful then I feel sorry for you. You’re not a very smart person at all if you believe everything they say.


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