Tim Allen takes to twitter to speak out his feelings on getting fired by ABC and he’s not happy about it…

We all know the real reason why Tim Allen was fired off ABC. Simply because Tim Allen went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about what it’s like being conservative in Hollywood and he said it’s like being in 1930’s Germany. Meaning he just exposed how one-sided liberal Hollywood is. Well that angered ABC so they got rid of him and his show “Last Man Standing” which is a sitcom that he stars in.

ABC responds and their reasoning is different, they said the reason for the cancellation is that they don’t want to do comedies anymore on Friday nights. What?

ABC defends ‘Last Man Standing’ cancellation

We know ABC is lying about the reason they fired Tim Allen. They fired him ’cause he’s conservative and a Trump supporter. If they didn’t want comedies on Friday nights they could have simply moved “Last Man Standing” to a different night, ya know? Instead, they canned the whole show. So that’s a sign right there they definitely have a negative grudge against Tim Allen.

Sad. ABC has been Tim Allen’s home for years as his hit show “Home Improvement” was aired on that show during the 90’s. Not only our news media is corrupt to the core, our entertainment industry is corrupt to the core as well. Kind of strange that ABC would get rid of “Last Man Standing” and then they greenlight the “Roseanne” revival show. Keep in mind, Roseanne Barr is a conservative and she’s a Trump supporter too.

Ah well, I don’t see “Last Man Standing” ending for good. It’ll probably get a new network. Maybe Netflix will pick it up.

Tim Allen is a talented man. I’ve been watching him through sitcoms and big screen movies for most of my life.


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