Fundamental Changes has the best guitar instructional books… check them out…

I do know that there are probably some other musicians that read my blog especially the musicians who play guitar who continues to follow me. If you’re looking to improve your guitar playing chops a company called Fundamental Changes has some great guitar instructional books and their books are pretty inexpensive too.

I bought 4 of their books for my Ipad. From their collection of books, I own: “Melodic Rock Soloing For Guitar”, “Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing”, “Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar” and “Heavy Metal Lead Guitar”.

The one I’m working on now is “Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar” and I’m on Chapter 2, learning their string bending techniques which is fun. I want to improve my soloing so these books could help me.

There are more books of theirs I want to get though… soon I would like to get “Progressive Metal Guitar”, and I want to get “Rhythm and Notation for Drums”. I don’t have a drum set but I do have virtual drums on Garageband and Mixcraft softwares. I want to make my own drum tracks behind my songs so I’m studying drums even though I don’t own a drum set so that’s another reason why I want to get really good at timing & rhythm.

I like learning from guitar instructional books when I can that company I spoke about above is really good. Check them out.

I was trying to find books that would help improve my rock and metal playing and these books would do it.



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