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Tim Allen takes to twitter to speak out his feelings on getting fired by ABC and he’s not happy about it…

We all know the real reason why Tim Allen was fired off ABC. Simply because Tim Allen went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about what it’s like being conservative in Hollywood and he said it’s like being in 1930’s Germany. Meaning he just exposed how one-sided liberal Hollywood is. Well that angered ABC so they got rid of him and his show “Last Man Standing” which is a sitcom that he stars in.

ABC responds and their reasoning is different, they said the reason for the cancellation is that they don’t want to do comedies anymore on Friday nights. What?

ABC defends ‘Last Man Standing’ cancellation

We know ABC is lying about the reason they fired Tim Allen. They fired him ’cause he’s conservative and a Trump supporter. If they didn’t want comedies on Friday nights they could have simply moved “Last Man Standing” to a different night, ya know? Instead, they canned the whole show. So that’s a sign right there they definitely have a negative grudge against Tim Allen.

Sad. ABC has been Tim Allen’s home for years as his hit show “Home Improvement” was aired on that show during the 90’s. Not only our news media is corrupt to the core, our entertainment industry is corrupt to the core as well. Kind of strange that ABC would get rid of “Last Man Standing” and then they greenlight the “Roseanne” revival show. Keep in mind, Roseanne Barr is a conservative and she’s a Trump supporter too.

Ah well, I don’t see “Last Man Standing” ending for good. It’ll probably get a new network. Maybe Netflix will pick it up.

Tim Allen is a talented man. I’ve been watching him through sitcoms and big screen movies for most of my life.


Is Tim Allen one of those conservatives who’s afraid to speak out about politics? He explained what it’s like being “conservative” in Hollywood…

Not too long ago, Hollywood actor and conservative, Robert Davi wrote an article at Breitbart urging other conservative actors to start being brave and start talking about their political views publicly.

I don’t think that’s going to happen ’cause it looks like a Hollywood actor being “conservative” might be very risky. Listen to what Tim Allen has to say about it.


So if an actor comes out as “conservative”, it could hurt his or her career for sure. For example: they would lose movie roles, they won’t get hired for more movie roles, their Hollywood friends would stop supporting them, they won’t be allowed to do interviews for the media, won’t be allowed at award shows, they would get backlash by their fans, etc. I can totally understand why many conservatives have to keep their political views to themselves.

So why is it that some other conservative actors like Chuck Norris, Jon Voight , Stacy Dash and Scott Baio being open about their conservative political views? Maybe it’s because they’re retired actors so they can now freely talk politics without Hollywood backlash, ya know?

I think Robert Davi is onto something, Hollywood conservatives need to speak out if they want to defeat liberal Hollywood. Would be awesome. It’s interesting how the world looks at being “conservative” as being controversial. What would it take to get people to realize nobody cares about liberalism anymore? I’m proud to be “conservative”. People don’t like it and yes, people has verbally beaten me up for being conservative but I don’t give a shit. I am who I am. I hate liberalism with a passion. Most everyone I know are very liberal people and if I’m one of the very few conservatives around here, so be it. I’m not gonna change for anyone at all.






Cool Photo: “Home Improvement” cast, 12 years later…

I used to be a fan of, “Home Improvement”, when the show used to be on TV. I used to love the show and used to watch it all the time, when I was younger.

Here’s the original cast, 12 years later… check out the reunion photo: here.

Pretty cool. The only people who haven’t changed a bit are Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson and Richard Karn. Those three still look the same, but everyone else looks a little different. Especially, Debbie Dunning, she must of got plastic surgery and breast implants over the years.


Report: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to finally star in a live action film together, after the success of Toy Story!!!

After the huge success of the Toy Story franchise, Disney is moving ahead with a new film titled, “Jungle Cruise”, which will be based on the theme park ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The script was written for Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to star. Roger S.H. Schulman will write the script, and the film will be produced by David Hoberman, and Todd Lieberman. The studio haven’t hired a director yet. This film will be live action, not animated. The plot haven’t been revealed yet, but I’m sure we will hear more of the project in the future.

Deadline, reports.

Well I agree with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen finally staring in a film together, a live action film, that is. It deserves to happen. This project sounds great.

Tom haven’t done a family friendly live action film in a long time. The last live action family film he did was, “Cast Away” I believe? Back in the year 2000. Tom really doesn’t do live action films for kids that much anymore. He’s mostly done dramas and serious films.  He’s done plenty of voice overs for animated films, but not much for live action. He did all the family films in the 80’s with films such as, “Splash”, “BIG”, ” and maybe a few others.

“Jungle Cruise” is a great opportunity for Tom. Tom needs to get back into the comedy spotlight again like where he was before in the 80’s.


Report: Tim Allen to return to primetime television in fall of 2011???

Former “Home Improvement” star, Tim Allen, maybe making a huge comeback to primetime TV in the fall of 2011. In the early 90’s the actor was made famous for the hit sitcom, “Home Improvement”, back in the days when DVR’s weren’t around. After “Home Improvement” was cancelled, Tim Allen went on to become a huge movie star. His first film when leaving “Home Improvement” was the “Santa Clause”, then comes “Toy Story”. He became well known playing Santa and Buzz Lightyear in the movie business. He also starred in a slew of other comedies such as “For Richer or Poorer”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Big Trouble”, “Joe Somebody”, “Christmas with the Kranks”,  and of course, “Wild Hogs”.

Tim is currently working with Greg Daniels, who is one of the writers/producers of “The Office” and “Parks & Recreation”.

More on it here.

Is this a hint that Tim Allen is on his way to NBC? Will he actually have a role in “The Office” or “Parks & Recreation”? Maybe Tim will take over as boss in “the Office”,  when Michael Scott leaves? I’m all for Tim returning to the small screen. He’s a talented guy and funny as hell!


Report: Tim Allen speaks on his directorial debut, “Crazy On the Outside”…

Former, “Home Improvement” star and “Toy Story” star, Tim Allen speaks on his directorial debut with the comedy, “Crazy On the Outside”. He also stars in it along with Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta, and Kelsey Grammer. Tim Allen says this is the hardest he’s ever worked. He’s even spent his own money from his pockets to get this movie made, he marketed it and put out this movie himself. He said he was inspired by Kevin Costner to do all this himself. Kevin Costner even taught him some things. As Kevin is also an actor and film director himself. Tim is also getting huge respects from his cast mates as well.

More on it here:


Congrats to Tim. Respects to him from me as well. Kudos.

I’m glad Tim Allen is finally directing his own films ’cause he is a comic genius and I’m sure this movie will be a funny one. If the trailer is good enough, maybe I’ll see it.


Report: Disney may not be doing “Wild Hogs” sequel, but I think a different studio will pick it up…

Never say never on, “Wild Hogs 2”, folks. I think there’s a chance that a different studio will want to buy the rights to make the sequel. If that happened with “Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader”, the same could happen to, “Wild Hogs”. Maybe Warner Bros or Twentieth Century Fox will buy, “Wild Hogs 2”. I hope so. I was hoping another “Wild Hogs” movie would happen ’cause I loved the first film so much. I don’t see it being canned for good.

More on it here:



Report: Sigourney Weaver and a bunch of stars sign with Tim Allen’s “Crazy” film…

The former Aliens and Ghostbusters star, Sigourney Weaver, signed a deal to star in Tim Allen’s directorial debut “Crazy on the Outside”. Also officially signed to the film are Jeanne Tripplehorn, J.K. Simmons, Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammer, and Julie Bowen. Most of the stars in this film are the same people who starred with Tim Allen in the comedy “Galaxy Quest”.

Tim Allen will of course star the leading role in his own directorial film “Crazy on the Outside”. The plot is where Tim Allen plays a released prisoner who tries to talk his single mom parole officer to date him. Although Allen’s character tries to rebuild his life after getting out of prison, he gets distracted by a manipulative older sister.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Doesn’t sound too bad. I hope Tim Allen makes this film a funny one. He better not dissapoint and make it a flop.