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Report: Tim Allen speaks on his directorial debut, “Crazy On the Outside”…

Former, “Home Improvement” star and “Toy Story” star, Tim Allen speaks on his directorial debut with the comedy, “Crazy On the Outside”. He also stars in it along with Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta, and Kelsey Grammer. Tim Allen says this is the hardest he’s ever worked. He’s even spent his own money from his pockets to get this movie made, he marketed it and put out this movie himself. He said he was inspired by Kevin Costner to do all this himself. Kevin Costner even taught him some things. As Kevin is also an actor and film director himself. Tim is also getting huge respects from his cast mates as well.

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Congrats to Tim. Respects to him from me as well. Kudos.

I’m glad Tim Allen is finally directing his own films ’cause he is a comic genius and I’m sure this movie will be a funny one. If the trailer is good enough, maybe I’ll see it.