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Report: Disney may not be doing “Wild Hogs” sequel, but I think a different studio will pick it up…

Never say never on, “Wild Hogs 2”, folks. I think there’s a chance that a different studio will want to buy the rights to make the sequel. If that happened with “Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader”, the same could happen to, “Wild Hogs”. Maybe Warner Bros or Twentieth Century Fox will buy, “Wild Hogs 2”. I hope so. I was hoping another “Wild Hogs” movie would happen ’cause I loved the first film so much. I don’t see it being canned for good.

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Report: Milla Jovovich to strip for William H. Macy in “Keep Coming Back”…

Milla Jovovich has signed on to star the leading role in a film titled “Keep Coming Back” which will be directed by actor William H. Macy. William H. Macy is an iconic comedic actor which his biggest role was in “Wild Hogs” comedy. This film “Keep Coming Back” is William’s directorial debut.

Story tells about a young man who joins the AAA group just so he can try to hook up with the woman of his dreams. The woman played by Jovovich is a former stripper and an alcoholic herself. William H. Macy will also have an acting role in his own film and actor Steve Buscemi will have a role also.

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Sounds good. With this film being directed by Macy, I’m sure it’ll be a funny one.