Report: Sigourney Weaver and a bunch of stars sign with Tim Allen’s “Crazy” film…

The former Aliens and Ghostbusters star, Sigourney Weaver, signed a deal to star in Tim Allen’s directorial debut “Crazy on the Outside”. Also officially signed to the film are Jeanne Tripplehorn, J.K. Simmons, Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammer, and Julie Bowen. Most of the stars in this film are the same people who starred with Tim Allen in the comedy “Galaxy Quest”.

Tim Allen will of course star the leading role in his own directorial film “Crazy on the Outside”. The plot is where Tim Allen plays a released prisoner who tries to talk his single mom parole officer to date him. Although Allen’s character tries to rebuild his life after getting out of prison, he gets distracted by a manipulative older sister.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Doesn’t sound too bad. I hope Tim Allen makes this film a funny one. He better not dissapoint and make it a flop.


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