Report: Tim Allen to return to primetime television in fall of 2011???

Former “Home Improvement” star, Tim Allen, maybe making a huge comeback to primetime TV in the fall of 2011. In the early 90’s the actor was made famous for the hit sitcom, “Home Improvement”, back in the days when DVR’s weren’t around. After “Home Improvement” was cancelled, Tim Allen went on to become a huge movie star. His first film when leaving “Home Improvement” was the “Santa Clause”, then comes “Toy Story”. He became well known playing Santa and Buzz Lightyear in the movie business. He also starred in a slew of other comedies such as “For Richer or Poorer”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Big Trouble”, “Joe Somebody”, “Christmas with the Kranks”,  and of course, “Wild Hogs”.

Tim is currently working with Greg Daniels, who is one of the writers/producers of “The Office” and “Parks & Recreation”.

More on it here.

Is this a hint that Tim Allen is on his way to NBC? Will he actually have a role in “The Office” or “Parks & Recreation”? Maybe Tim will take over as boss in “the Office”,  when Michael Scott leaves? I’m all for Tim returning to the small screen. He’s a talented guy and funny as hell!


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