Is Tim Allen one of those conservatives who’s afraid to speak out about politics? He explained what it’s like being “conservative” in Hollywood…

Not too long ago, Hollywood actor and conservative, Robert Davi wrote an article at Breitbart urging other conservative actors to start being brave and start talking about their political views publicly.

I don’t think that’s going to happen ’cause it looks like a Hollywood actor being “conservative” might be very risky. Listen to what Tim Allen has to say about it.

So if an actor comes out as “conservative”, it could hurt his or her career for sure. For example: they would lose movie roles, they won’t get hired for more movie roles, their Hollywood friends would stop supporting them, they won’t be allowed to do interviews for the media, won’t be allowed at award shows, they would get backlash by their fans, etc. I can totally understand why many conservatives have to keep their political views to themselves.

So why is it that some other conservative actors like Chuck Norris, Jon Voight , Stacy Dash and Scott Baio being open about their conservative political views? Maybe it’s because they’re retired actors so they can now freely talk politics without Hollywood backlash, ya know?

I think Robert Davi is onto something, Hollywood conservatives need to speak out if they want to defeat liberal Hollywood. Would be awesome. It’s interesting how the world looks at being “conservative” as being controversial. What would it take to get people to realize nobody cares about liberalism anymore? I’m proud to be “conservative”. People don’t like it and yes, people has verbally beaten me up for being conservative but I don’t give a shit. I am who I am. I hate liberalism with a passion. Most everyone I know are very liberal people and if I’m one of the very few conservatives around here, so be it. I’m not gonna change for anyone at all.






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