Report: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to finally star in a live action film together, after the success of Toy Story!!!

After the huge success of the Toy Story franchise, Disney is moving ahead with a new film titled, “Jungle Cruise”, which will be based on the theme park ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The script was written for Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to star. Roger S.H. Schulman will write the script, and the film will be produced by David Hoberman, and Todd Lieberman. The studio haven’t hired a director yet. This film will be live action, not animated. The plot haven’t been revealed yet, but I’m sure we will hear more of the project in the future.

Deadline, reports.

Well I agree with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen finally staring in a film together, a live action film, that is. It deserves to happen. This project sounds great.

Tom haven’t done a family friendly live action film in a long time. The last live action family film he did was, “Cast Away” I believe? Back in the year 2000. Tom really doesn’t do live action films for kids that much anymore. He’s mostly done dramas and serious films.  He’s done plenty of voice overs for animated films, but not much for live action. He did all the family films in the 80’s with films such as, “Splash”, “BIG”, ” and maybe a few others.

“Jungle Cruise” is a great opportunity for Tom. Tom needs to get back into the comedy spotlight again like where he was before in the 80’s.


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