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BREAKING NEWS: UFC sues NY government, hoping to lift ban on MMA…

It was former Governor, George Pataki that first signed the bill to make MMA caged fighting illegal in NY State. He did it because he felt that children shouldn’t be watching that violent sport.

Not too long ago, it was former Governor, David Patterson was the first to bring up the interest to help lift the ban on MMA in NY, just to help the State’s budget. The NY Government, kept denying the ban to get lifted in our state for a quite a while and this state continues to refuse to lift the ban to this day. We’re trying really hard to lift the ban on MMA caged fighting here, but no success.

Well, it’s pretty obvious that the UFC company have been keeping an eye on it, and now they are doing something about it themselves. Dana White’s, Zuffa LLC, and UFC Champs: Jon Jones, and Frankie Edgar sued the NY Government, hoping to get the ban lifted.

Read the full story, here.

This really shows that Dana really loves the New York fans. UFC is extremely popular here and it is unfair it’s banned here. What will our new governor, Andrew Cuomo, do about this? He was the one who helped lifted the ban on gay marriage here, could he do the same to MMA caged fighting? I really don’t like Gov. Cuomo too much but if he’ll un-ban MMA, he’ll get a lot of respect from me and I’ll have a change of heart with him. Hopefully our Governor will do the right thing. We NY’ers deserve our MMA.

When MMA becomes legal here, I would so like to see a UFC ppv event live. I’m sure UFC will do ppv events at the Times Union Center or the Glens Falls Civic Center, they’ll make their way there, but the first arena they’ll hit in NY is the Madison Square Garden.

This sport shouldn’t be banned anywhere at all.



Thoughts: UFC 132 last night, brief review…

Last night, I ended up watching “UFC 132”. Simply because there was nothing else on TV, and I was bored. So I ended up buying the PPV.

I was very impressed with it. Every fight was impressive. Most fights were quick ones. Most fights last night ended in the first or second rounds.

While I do hate Tito Ortiz like most people, you can’t deny that he did a great job last night. I was actually pretty impressed with Tito. Like most people know, Tito hasn’t won a fight in a long time and having so many injuries in the past. Tito finally stepped up. He must of trained hard during his hiatus and he finally won a fight. I’m no Tito fan like I said, but I liked what he did last night. It was pretty amazing. If he keeps doing that and winning more fights, stop being a jackass, and maybe he will get everyone’s respect again. I was pretty shocked with Tito’s performance like most people.

Other fights that I liked were “Don Hyum Kim vs. Carlos Condit”, this fight was good because you couldn’t tell who was going to win this one, they made it unpredictable. I also liked Leben vs. Silva. I’ve been liking Chris Leben for a long while and I continue to be a fan of his.

I think the best fight of the night was obviously the main event, Cruz vs. Faber. Even though it was “unanimous decision”, neither guys didn’t want to lose over a knockout and it shows. Both men fought pretty technical and they made it exciting.

I think this was the best UFC ppv of this year, so far.

Read the full results, here.