Cool Video: The Macho Man Randy Savage reveals new toy by Mattel!!!

OMG!!!! Even the Macho Man Randy Savage was at SDCC! Well sort of. Randy Savage was actually there, via satellite screen. The reason WWE was there this year at SDCC was that they were there to introduce new action figures made by Mattel. Randy was on a screen to introduce, “The Macho Man” toy. Guess what folks? Randy played the  “Macho Man” in character!!! After all these years Randy’s been away from wrestling, he still has it! He STILL plays “Macho Man” very well, it even put a smile on my face! COME ON RANDY, please come BACK TO THE WWE for one last run! If Bret Hart can do it, so can The Macho Man! Randy Savage just hinted a return to wrestling in 2011???

Enjoy this awesome video!!! 🙂


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