Report: “Evil Dead” remake gets the greenlight by Sony Pictures and Film District…

Announced earlier today, Sony Pictures and Film District have teamed up with Ghost House to make, the “Evil Dead” remake. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell will help produce the film. Diablo Cody had a hand in re-writing some of the script.

Read the full press release, here.

They should start with the casting soon, now that they finally found a studio. Now the question is, who is going to play Ash? Will Bruce Campbell reprise the role? If Bruce only signed on to produce the film and not act, he probably isn’t going to return, but you never know. Maybe they’re keeping his return a secret for now? They’re probably gonna go for a younger actor to play Ash.

Honestly, I don’t care who plays Ash, as long this film stays true to the originals, I’ll go see it. It still needs to be a low budget B-movie like the first two.

You know what? Since found footage movies like “Paranormal Acitivity” are getting so popular, I think it would be interesting if they would take that direction.

It would be great if Bruce returns as the lead! So I hope he does sign on. I love the Evil Dead films and a Bruce Campbell fan as well. If Bruce doesn’t star in the leading role, I hope he’ll get a cameo for a different role at least. There can’t be an Evil Dead movie without him!



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