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BREAKING NEWS: John Malkovich and Frances McDormand to star in “Transformers 3″…

Michael Bay himself announced some shocking news that suprised the movie industry. “The Transformers” director, revealed that he signed John Malkovich and Frances McDormand to star in the next “Transformers” installment. Both who are Oscar winners. This wasn’t the first time that John and Frances starred in a film together, as they starred in the Coen Bros., “Burn After Reading”. Most would know who John Malkovich is, but for those who are not familiar with Frances McDormand, she is the wife of one of the Coen Bros. She was also in movies such as “Fargo”, “Almost Famous”,  “Miller’s Crossing”, and more. The surprising thing is, who knew John and Frances were fans of Transformers?

I hope Michael Bay makes “Transformers 3” a better film ’cause I hated “Revenge of the Fallen”. Lets hope they do a good job with the next one.

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