Megan Fox and U2 on SNL last night…

I never really watch SNL anymore, but I had to watch the SNL 35th premiere last night ’cause my favorite celebrity woman, Megan Fox, was on last night. I kept thinking to myself that the new episode would be a stinker and a borefest, but it wasn’t. It was surprisingly entertaining and actually funny all the way through.

Meg did a good job hosting.

I’m glad she is appearing on TV more often. As for U2 they were pretty good as usual, but I thought it was kind of silly that Bono was singing through a glow in the dark microphone toward the end of it, and Bono was swinging back and forth on the mic like a kid at the playground.

Usually SNL ends with their “ending” theme with the SNL band, but they ended the show with U2 playing a third song while the credits were rolling. Maybe this is a new way of SNL ending their shows from now on, their musical guests will end the show, not the SNL band.

Today’s SNL is kind of getting better and improving. I like Seth Myers, Will Forte, and Andy Samberg the newer guys. I used to like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but they’re no longer on the show although they still make occasional appearances.

I only watch SNL if there is a good host on, I don’t watch it every week.


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