Thought: The real reason why I haven’t written new songs in a while…writer’s block & no motivation…

The real reason why I haven’t written any new batch of songs in a long while, is because I had no motivation for songwriting. Plus, writer’s block is also another reason. While I haven’t written new songs over the past year, I have been mostly focused on trying to learn how to play guitar better and focusing on singing better too. I’ve been focused on studying guitar. Trying to learn to solo lead guitar better, learn music theory, scales & modes, improvisation, ear training, etc. I’ve been trying to learn to become a more professional guitarist. I’ve been concentrating on studying guitar more than songwriting.

As for the writer’s block part, I just had no ideas to write songs. Although I’ve written a few new songs this year like “Be Home Safe”, “Say Goodbye Osama” and “Egyptian Freedom”. That’s about it. So I’ve been reading a lot of novels, reading the current news, playing video games and watching movies, hoping to pick up inspiration again. Songwriting only happens when I’m inspired.

Hopefully soon, I’ll get motivated to start writing songs again. I guess I became bored with songwriting. Happens to musicians sometimes.


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