Report: OJ Simpson isolated, Galanter will make an appeal…

If you truly think OJ Simpson “will” spend the rest of his life in prison, don’t hold your breath. Yale Galanter and the rest of the OJ lawyer team will make an appeal so the Juice can be released on bond.

At the Clerk County Detention Center, the Juice is being held in a cell there alone, to be kept away from other jail inmates so he can be safe. The only visitors he’s allowed to get is his family members, a few friends and of course his lawyers. The Juice will remain in the small jail until his Dec. 5th sentencing, until then he will be transferred to a state prison.

The Associated Press reports:

When the Juice goes to state prison, lets just hope the gangs in the maximum security prison will kill him. I’m sure state prison inmates will hate the Juice just as much as we all do. The prison inmates won’t like what the Juice did to Nicole and Ron, and the Vegas Robbery.

Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by prison inmates, maybe the same will happen to the Juice.

Cross our fingers on this one.


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