Report: Will Rey Mysterio get unmasked tonight at “No Mercy”?

Tonight is the WWE ppv “No Mercy” which I will watch. There is a controversial match on tonight which is Kane vs. Rey Mysterio in a “mask match”, if Rey Mysterio loses, he will be forced to be unmasked for good.

I am predicting it will happen, Rey will get unmasked tonight.

Other matches happening tonight:

Jericho vs. HBK in a Ladder match for World Heavyweight Champ (HBK will win)

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE Champ (Triple H will win of course)

Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy for the ECW Champ (Mark Henry will win it back)

Batista vs. JBL (JBL will win this)

Big Show vs. Undertaker (Undertaker will win)

Glamazon Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle for Women’s title (the Glamazon will win)

I look forward to seeing Rey Mysterio vs. Kane the most tonight. Hope tonight’s ppv will be good.


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