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OJ Simpson being eligible for parole… that means the Juice is Loose…

So the Juice is officially loose… OJ would be out of prison in Oct. later this year. It doesn’t come as a surprise really. I’m pretty sure the only reason that OJ was granted parole by the parole commissioners was because that the voters were scared of the “race card”, pretty much. I believe they secretly didn’t give him parole ’cause of “good behavior”. If they said “no” about parole in the voting then the race card would get played by OJ and his attorney. That’s what they were afraid of. Plus I’m pretty sure money and power also had something to do with it. If you’re rich and famous, you can pretty much get away with anything.



No doubt that OJ is a huge egomaniac and narcissist. When is the next OJ memoir book coming out? OJ actually tried to release one titled, “If I Did It” but Fred Goldman and his family got hold of the book, made a book deal and it was re-titled… “I Did It”. Remember that? You know OJ is gonna try to write a new memoir.

It seems to me that Hollywood is all over OJ now. Remember the TV show “The People vs. OJ Simpson” and ESPN made a documentary movie about him titled, “OJ: Made In America”? Does OJ deserve to get all this attention by the entertainment media? No, absolutely not! Next thing you know, a biopic film for the big screen about him is coming… how much do you want to bet that will happen???

I remember the entertainment media scorned the guy around the trial of the century happened and now it looks like they are celebrating him. Sad.

He needs to be held accountable ’cause Ron and Nicole still deserve their justice… doesn’t matter how long ago it was.

It’s only a matter of time that OJ does something bad again and lands back in prison? Will he follow his terms of parole? Who knows. He shouldn’t have been let out at all. Initially, I thought OJ was innocent of murdering Ron and Nicole — I used to defend him — but views changed since the Nevada robbery incident. The man’s a monster and extremely dangerous. I hope Florida doesn’t allow him to live in that state.



Cliven Bundy is an American hero… fighting for our freedom…


Now this is a real American!!!! He’s fighting back at Obama and our corrupt government. I don’t know much about the Cliven Bundy story but going to read more into it but I do believe he is innocent.

While he is doing a good thing fighting back at the Feds, he’s definitely not going to win, though. Obama and the Feds will have him killed. Just wait for it. This standoff could go on for days and weeks. The Feds aren’t gonna give up until he’s dead.

The reason this reminds people of Benghazi ’cause this is VERY similar to Benghazi. Just people working and living their daily lives and all of a sudden they are being attacked by armed men. Is this good enough for you to see that Obama was behind Benghazi yet?

Bundy didn’t deserve this, whether his cattle was illegal or not. This is just government power and greed. Nothing more. Nothing less. Obama acting like a tough guy like usual.