Cliven Bundy is an American hero… fighting for our freedom…


Now this is a real American!!!! He’s fighting back at Obama and our corrupt government. I don’t know much about the Cliven Bundy story but going to read more into it but I do believe he is innocent.

While he is doing a good thing fighting back at the Feds, he’s definitely not going to win, though. Obama and the Feds will have him killed. Just wait for it. This standoff could go on for days and weeks. The Feds aren’t gonna give up until he’s dead.

The reason this reminds people of Benghazi ’cause this is VERY similar to Benghazi. Just people working and living their daily lives and all of a sudden they are being attacked by armed men. Is this good enough for you to see that Obama was behind Benghazi yet?

Bundy didn’t deserve this, whether his cattle was illegal or not. This is just government power and greed. Nothing more. Nothing less. Obama acting like a tough guy like usual.


34 thoughts on “Cliven Bundy is an American hero… fighting for our freedom…”

    1. Ha, ha! I told you guys that Obama was totally involved in this!!! Surprised??? This totally shows he definitely had something to do with Benghazi…


      1. Not anymore after him comparing this incident to black slaves. He crossed the line with this one. Maybe the Feds had every right to do what they did after all.


    1. I’ll have to agree that was a little too racist. Even the Conservatives/Republicans have lost their respect toward him after this. I don’t think I’ll no longer support him now.


  1. He’s committing “cattle grazing welfare”. He’s getting his cattle feed for free from the government!! For all the complaints the Tea Party people have about the welfare state, blah blah blah, you guys seem to want this particular welfare recipient to keep using the government’s property and money for nothing. He and all other ranchers are fine to graze on public land as long as they pay the government their dues for it, which this guy hasn’t been doing. All they’re doing is collecting what is owed to them, and his response is an armed militia, using their women as a human shield?? How can you guys endorse this? He is doing the OPPOSITE of what the Tea Party is about, so how come this guys gets a pass? Because he’s white??

    1. I changed my stance on this whole Bundy thing. I still don’t like Harry Reid. I still don’t like the Feds but I agree that doing more research on Bundy, he’s turning out to be a Mormon redneck who is just being a whiny baby about not paying the bills. He’s just being irresponsible. Hell, let the Feds kill his cows and get him and his family out of that land. Even better they should throw Bundy’s ass in jail. I’m doing more reading about the guy. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff about him that Bundy supporter’s don’t know about.


      1. It’s too bad you didn’t do the research before you found out that he was a racist, too.

      2. There’s not much to read about the guy ’cause he was never a famous figure before all this. He doesn’t have a wikipedia page or nothing. Now that he’s famous, I’m sure the people and the media will dig up all kinds of juicy stuff up about him. Wait for it. 🙂


      3. There was plenty – I even pointed out to you the fact that he acknowledged he owed $300,000 in grazing fees and you called me an idiot and deleted my comment.

  2. What if, after all those years of grazing for free, it was 2007 instead of 2014 and Bush was in office when the “evil government” came knocking on the door asking for their dues??

      1. Haha…your mind was blown, wasn’t it? Was it like being confronted with the Matrix for the first time?

      2. He’s doing something pretty liberal ’cause he doesn’t seem to have a care about “personal responsibility” by not paying those grazing fees like he was supposed to. Now he’s hiding behind the Constitution.

        Yeah, right-wingers made a mistake on being quick supporting the guy but we just didn’t know. That’s why a lot of us flip-flopped.


      3. “Personal responsibility” is part of a Conservative belief, he isn’t that.


      4. Not wanting to pay taxes and fees to the US government is THE cornerstone of right wing philosophy.

      5. Incorrect. Us right-wingers are willing to pay taxes and fees, we just want the government to lower the taxes. We want lower taxes and smaller government. What you said is not our view.


      6. Well, I’ve said it before that I will never talk about my personal life and financial stuff publicly. I will not answer those kind of questions ’cause it’s no one else’s business.


      7. And yes, lower taxes is the foundation of the GOP’s platform…with huge cuts to entitlements, which you are no doubt the recipient of.

      8. And again, none of this is new regarding Bundy. A I stated before, even I pointed out to you the background of the entire debacle, but you chose to ignore it. If you think other right wingers just didn’t know or made a mistake, then your boys Rand Paul and Ted Cruz sure do look stupid.

      9. To be honest, I’m starting to lose my respect to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz both. Both of them are starting to annoy me. I’m not liking Rand’s stance on immigration, he’s willing to give illegal aliens who are felons US citizenship. Ted also seems to keep siding with Obama on certain things and he keeps saying the government is corrupt and all that. Messed up.


      10. I’m no longer liking Dr. Ben Carson either ’cause he seems to be more supportive of Gun Control. See? I don’t side with all right-wing politicians. I still think some are idiots. I hate John Boehner and don’t really like McCain anymore either.

        I still love Sarah Palin though.


      11. Doesn’t this whole fiasco suggest right wingers should more closely look at the people they support, rather than just blindly following someone that on the surface looks to be conservative?

      12. I agree. This somewhat gave right-wingers a wake up call. Not all right-wingers are good people. There’s a lot of scum bags for sure.


    1. It’s pretty crazy how people are still defending him. They must think Donald Sterling isn’t racist either.


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