It really is bothersome how so many people in Government are protecting Obama… why???

It really is amazing to me how so many people in government are protecting Obama over his crimes. Yes, pretty much everyone are protecting him and are covering his ass. Everybody from the Clintons, Biden, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Kathleen Sibelius, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, etc. Even some Republicans in government like Boehner are even protecting his ass too. I look at all of this and ask myself. Why? Nobody would ever come forward and will never admit that Obama is responsible for these things he does? Everything from NSA, IRS targeting, Benghazi, Operation: F&F, etc. Not one person will give up and come forward and say that Barack was responsible?

I do know that Kathleen Sebelius recently resigned over the Obamacare website and I do know that Lois Lerner refuses to talk about the IRS targeting by pleading to the 5th Amendment. The House Committee will vote to hold Lerner in contempt.

It’s just fucking crazy how nobody will talk. They just “lie, lie, lie”, etc. All the fucking time. When they’re called out on their actions they usually resign just like Kathleen Sebelius did with Obamacare and Hillary resigned as Secretary of State over Benghazi. They couldn’t handle the pressure so they quit. Just shows that they are guilty of something.

I think these people are protecting Obama ’cause they are pretty loyal and VERY supportive of him. It’s kind of like a cult, ya know? A group that follows their leader and would do anything he says. It’s all ego and greed with these people. They would DO anything for Obama. That’s why Obama haven’t gotten in trouble for anything ’cause he uses people to protect him. Obama is a good manipulator and he’s an expert at controlling people.

I just can’t stand how this country so divided. Honestly, I hate how the right and left thing is so separated. I’m beginning to dislike it myself. It really shouldn’t be who’s left and right anymore.

It’s amazing how these people in government will never tell the truth and will never admit their actions. That includes Obama.

I remember when Reagan was in the middle of controversy with the Beruit bombings and the Iran Contra affairs… Reagan didn’t lie about things and didn’t try to cover himself up. He admitted his mistakes and tried to fix things. Look this stuff up. That’s the kind of president we need to have again.

That’s why so many people still believe there is nothing wrong with Obama and some think he hasn’t committed any crimes ’cause they are too naive and they’re too easy to believe in this administrations lies.

Someday, Obama’s gonna get busted for something. He can’t get away with everything. Whether it’ll be Benghazi, Operation: F&F, Obamacare, IRS, NSA, etc. He’s gonna get in deep trouble for any one of those things. There will be a point where Obama made a mistake and somebody will come forward with evidence. It’s preferably that Obama would be held accountable for everything he has done, though.

He will continue to make America worse as long as he’s in office so he must be stopped. Doesn’t matter how much time he has left. He needs to be held accountable.



4 thoughts on “It really is bothersome how so many people in Government are protecting Obama… why???”

  1. Things are never as they seem. If you are interested in understanding how things are processed for us, read some Chomsky. The truth hurts. It does well to remember that. Good day, and have a pleasant weekend.

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