Report: The Juice will spend his Holidays behind bars!!!

This coming Friday will be a big day for the Juice!!! That day he will be sentenced to prison!!! Simpson’s journey to fame, fortune and criminal life ends here and now. The Juice will spend a minimum of six years in prison and could be held for life if the judge imposes maximum penalties or decides to run the sentences consecutively.

Yale Galanter who is Simpson’s attorney claims that the Judge is only punishing him for the murders of Nicole and Ron. He said, he and OJ will continue to fight for the Juice’s freedom. Is OJ angry and upset going to prison? According to this article, no, he isn’t at all. The Juice is very upbeat and in a positive mood about going to prison. In fact, the article says he is very excited about it, getting ready to fight for an appeal.

The Associated Press reports:

wOOt!!!!! This is great news!!! America don’t have to put up with the Juice for a very long time, hopefully forever. Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s in prison, OJ!!!


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