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After Star Wars: Episode 9 will there be an Episode: 10, 11 and 12? Yes, I think there will be…

So Oscar Isaac confirms that Disney is ending the Skywalker saga at Star Wars: Episode 9. That’s it.


So now that the Star Wars Episode 9 is gonna be the last of the Skywalker story, does this mean it’s the end of the original Star Wars series? No, I don’t think it’s over ’cause I think the original series will continue and continue. I think there will be an Episode 10, 11 and 12 but they won’t be about the Skywalker story anymore.

Yeah, there will be other Star Wars spinoffs and other trilogies in the works but I think the original series with the Episode numbers will continue on forever. After episode 9, there will be a whole new story.

In the new Star Wars trilogy episodes 7, 8 and 9 there is a reason for all these new young characters ’cause it’s an obvious “passing of the torch” kind of thing. I predict that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on the new characters. It’ll continue the stories of Rey, Finn, Poe and everyone else.

Star Wars will be around forever. It’s never going away kind of like how James Bond and Star Trek will never end.

I think it’ll be an interesting idea that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on Rey. Rey will definitely be a lot older in Episodes 10, 11, and 12 so hopefully they’ll keep Daisy Ridley for those movies and they probably will.

I’m looking forward to Star Wars 9. I’m loving all the Star Wars movies so far. I’m loving the spinoffs and yes, I thought “The Last Jedi” was fucking awesome. My only disappointment with the new Star Wars movies was that Disney didn’t reunite Han, Leia and Luke which is a bummer. Would have been awesome if that happened.


Apparently, “Star Wars: Episode 8” is already filming and looks like Luke Skywalker will be involved…

Looks like Rian Johnson has already started filming “Star Wars: Episode 8” and it looks like Luke Skywalker will be involved in Episode 7, 8 and 9 after all! AICN gave us a cool pic of Mark Hamill hanging out at a bar with crew mates during a break from filming and as you can see you see a clean shaven Mark Hamill. As you can see Mark’s hair is kind of long so Luke Skywalker can look kind of young. Look like Mark Hamill is gonna be involved throughout the new trilogy. They didn’t confirm whether or not Mark will be involved in 8 but looking at this pic in the link below, it looks like Mark is involved.


The question is will Harrison Ford still be involved in 8 and 9? Probably not. I predict that “The Force Awakens” film will be the final time you will see Han Solo ’cause I’m still predicting that they’re gonna kill him off in that film. Han Solo sacrifices himself to save his friends is what they’re going for probably.

I so can’t wait for “The Force Awakens”, though. It’s only a couple of months away.


Mark Hamill admits to being a little skeptical of JJ doing Star Wars 7 “The Force Awakens”…

Pretty interesting. Mark Hamill is just like most of Star Wars fans. He at first was a little skeptical of JJ directing Star Wars. He was a little “cautious” about it but then Hamill admits he jumped aboard the Star Wars 7 cast ’cause he was afraid that the die-hards would get angry at him and would probably protest if he said “No”.

I agree that would happen if Mark Hamill said no to returning. I mean, look at what Billy Dee Williams is going through. Billy Dee is not playing Lando in “The Force Awakens” and a lot of fans are upset about it. That is probably why Harrison and Carrie had to jump aboard the film as well to avoid an angry mob of fans. Everyone was expecting a Star Wars reunion. They got everybody except for Billy Dee obviously. Who knows, maybe Billy Dee still has a surprising cameo appearance in “The Force Awakens” though… we’ll have to wait and see. JJ is always full of surprises and secrets.

Luke Skywalker is probably not gonna be in “The Force Awakens” that much but at least he’ll be in it. It’s looking like that Han Solo is gonna get the most screen time for “The Force Awakens”.

I can’t wait for this film, though. I hope this will be the “Star Wars” film that we all can walk out of the theaters with huge smiles on our faces this time. I’m sure that will happen.



Mark Hamill is such a great speaker!!! WOW!!

Here’s Mark Hamill telling movie theater goers no talking and no texting during a movie. Like everyone else I LOVE hearing Mark Hamill’s speaking voice. His speaking voice is so amazing.

My question is why didn’t Mark become a radiotalk show host or start his own podcast show? I think he would be great at both of those!

Mark is looking good, though. Better than he has before. Look like he’s been working out and eating right. Starting to look like Luke Skywalker again.

Mark is one of the best speakers out there and I’m sure he doesn’t even need a teleprompter at all.

Looking forward to seeing him back in Star Wars later this year! Rock on, Mark! \m/


“Star Wars – Episode 7” maybe all done filming the scenes but J.J. still has lots of work to do…

JJ Abrams maybe all done filming with the cast of “Star Wars Episode 7” but JJ still has a lot of work to do on the film so we still have a long road to go before completion. What’s next for JJ after filming the movie? Well, there’s gonna be a lot of editing and putting the film together. I’m sure JJ’s gotta add in a lot of special effects like CGI and lens flares (ha!). I’m sure JJ has a lot of light saber effects and laser beams from all the laser guns in the film which is gonna be a lot of work. They also gotta work on the sound editing and all that stuff. Plus John Williams still have to come in to record the score for the movie (which the score is usually the last thing). I’m sure John Williams will put on a killer score for the film and also sure the main Star Wars theme song will be kept for the opening crawl. JJ’s also gotta do some final touches for the film. Tons of work left to do on it.

What will the critical reception of the film be when the film is out? It’s too early to say but I predict the film will probably get mixed reviews but hopefully not. I’m hoping all the reviews will be positive and hoping this will be the film that will make Star Wars fans happy.

I’m sure this film will have plenty of action. Will an older Luke Skywalker be in a epic light saber fight? I would absolutely think so!!! If Luke Skywalker is returning to the new Star Wars movie, fans would be disappointed if he wasn’t swinging the light saber around so I’m sure we will see Luke in action again.

Speaking of Luke Skywalker, I have noticed something about Mark Hamill. In the beginning of filming, Mark Hamill mysteriously grew a beard for the Luke Skywalker role but after the film wraps, I’ve seen that Mark Hamill shaved the beard off after looking at his recent pics so does that mean that Luke shaved the beard during the movie somewhere? Why did Luke shave the beard? So it’s looking like that the script might be about Luke gone missing. There’s gotta be a good reason that Luke grew a beard. Luke may have been held captive, ya know, held prisoner by some people so he might of grew a beard that way and when Luke got rescued, he shaved it off.

Bearded Mark Hamill during the filming of Episode 7.

Recent pic of a clean shaven Mark Hamill after the wrapping of Star Wars Episode 7.

Just making some observations here.

Once again, I hope JJ won’t let us down and hope he’ll make us happy this time. I hope it’ll be a good Star Wars film myself. JJ knows a lot about Star Wars so he seems to know what he’s doing. I’ll definitely be in the theaters for this one.


Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher to reprise their roles as Luke and Leia for “Star Wars 7”??? Seems so…

Before the Disney and Lucasfilm merging, George Lucas, contacted none other than Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher first before everyone else got to know about Lucas’s plans. George didn’t really ask them to come back as Luke and Leia, he just wanted to give them the news first that they were going to go on to make, “Star Wars 7, 8, and 9”. Why did George give the news first to Mark and Carrie? Probably because the next trilogy will be written for Luke and Leia to return, and George wanted to get their blessing.

Just like most of us Star Wars fans, even Mark Hamill has mixed feelings on the Disney/Lucasfilm team up. Will Luke and Leia return for the next film? It wouldn’t surprise me, if “Star Wars 7” will be written for them to return.

If they are coming back, I hope they get Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Billy Dee Williams back as cameos. I think it’ll be cool, if they continue the story of, Luke Skywalker. I hope that’s what they’re going for.

More on the story, here.