Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke joins Han Solo standalone movie, interesting…

Game of Throne star, Emilia Clarke has joined the cast of the Han Solo stand alone movie. Her character is unknown at this point but I’m sure many will immediately assume that she’s going to play a younger Princess Leia. Could be a possibility but I doubt it.|670805017&linkId=31337128

Doing a little digging, I’m almost pretty sure that Emilia will be playing Sana Starros which was a character who has been claimed to be married to Han Solo.

The goal for the film is to depict Han Solo’s life before the original trilogy so I don’t think Leia will be in it. Han claims Sana was lying about the marriage just to pull off a robbery. If that storyline will be in the film, could be interesting.

Hopefully the Han Solo spinoff movie will still be good. What do you think? Can Alden Ehrenreich pull it off playing Han? Can he still be the same smart ass smuggler and be similar to Harrison’s version of the character? Probably. He’s gonna be the same Han Solo he has always been. The young Han will still have some funny one-liners, I’m sure.



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