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Amazing how overhyped “Fire and Fury” book is… forget that trash… get “American Pravda” instead…

So I went out to Barnes and Noble earlier today ’cause I wanted to pick up “American Pravda” book by James O’ Keefe which I have in my hand as you can see here. So I decided to do a little joking around by making fun of the “Fire and Fury” book by recommending people if they want to read real news read “American Pravda” and not that “Fire and Fury” trash by Michael Wolfe.

When I walked through the Barnes and Noble doors, it didn’t surprise me to see copies of “Fire and Fury” all over the place. It took me a while to find “American Pravda” and I found several copies on a shelf at B & N.

I see all this at B & N and I’m like, “Why is American Pravda kind of hard to find in the bookstore when ‘Fire and Fury’ is all over the fucking store?”.

Yeah, it’s no secret that major bookstores are very liberal. You won’t find many pro-Trump and pro-Republican books in them. You’ll find mostly liberal books in the “Current Affairs” section. While it is appalling that you’ll mostly see anti-Trump books at a bookstore, it’s no surprise to see all that, though.

It is funny as hell how Wolfe’s “Fire and Fury” is over-hyped to death, yet it’ll be a book no one wants to read. “Fire and Fury” will quickly go to the Bargain bin just like it happened with Hillary’s, “Hard Choices”. “Fire and Fury” is tabloid trash, “American Pravda” is real.

I’ve been a long time fan of James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas for a long while. What he’s doing is good stuff and he is waking a lot of people up. I haven’t read “American Pravda” yet but gonna get around to it soon ’cause there’s other books that I need to get to.

O’ Keefe is doing a good job exposing Fake News Media. I’m going to tweet this pic to James O’ Keefe himself and see if he’ll retweet it. I’m sure he would.



3rd American Pravda video is out and this is the good stuff, CNN and the rest of the media hates everyone…

Keep up the good work, James O’ Keefe! Want to know what CNN really thinks of the American people? They hate everyone. Yes, that’s right everyone! CNN producer here caught saying American Voters are “Stupid as shit”. That not only means Trump supporters, he’s talking about liberals who watch CNN too.

Like I said the other day, the media doesn’t care about you. They only care about ratings and money and that’s it.

Hey liberals, is this good enough for you to turn off CNN on your TV and even stop reading their articles on the internet?

And also there are other good stuff on this video like CNN editing this guy’s interview to make him look like a conspiracy theorist on “voter fraud”. Jimmy Carr saying that KellyAnne Conway looks like she got hit by a shovel. Jeff Zucker refusing to interview with O’ Keefe. Wow.

Ya know, it’s pretty fucking funny that Trump gets called out for saying things about Mika, Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’ Donnell but liberals sit there saying hateful & nasty things about Kellyanne, Ivanka, Sarah Palin and Melania. They don’t like Trump saying stuff about women well libtards should look in the fucking mirror. Hypocrites. It’s interesting liberals think it’s okay to say hateful stuff about “conservative” women. We’re not gonna let them it’s okay now. They’re gonna pay for it from this point forward.

I think Kellyanne is a gorgeous and stunning looking woman, by the way. Trump has a good eye for women for sure and it’s making the haters jealous.


2nd “American Pravda” video is out… hey liberals, is this good enough evidence that CNN is fake news yet?

Van Jones exposed! Hell yeah! Are you surprised that Van Jones turned out to be a lying and corrupt loser? I’m not ’cause after all he’s a former Obama admin. official. Van Jones on CNN talking about the Russian conspiracy theory and then he’s caught saying it’s a “Nothing Burger”.

Like everyone else, I’ve always known that the Russian/Trump thing was fake and totally made up. There was never any proof until now. Thanks to James O’ Keefe, he’s providing us the proof so we can have something to back it up next time someone says, “You’re full of shit”.

I’m noticing that liberals aren’t saying anything about the “American Pravda” videos. That’s because they feel completely dumbfounded and they couldn’t believe that they actually fell for a news story that was pure fiction. I think liberals know that the media is all bullshit, they just love seeing them attack Trump.

Anyway, this Trump/Russia thing really needs to die and I think James O’ Keefe will do a good job on killing this fictional story.

This is why I try to tell you guys not to trust CNN and the rest of the media. I don’t even trust Fox news even though there are a few good hosts on there. The media sucks.

I hope O’Keefe destroys Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer ’cause I can’t stand those guys. I think he’ll get to them soon.