Bruce Dickinson’s book, “What does this Button Do”, a brief review…

Over the weekend, I’ve just finished reading Bruce Dickinson’s rock memoir titled, “What Does This Button Do”. If you don’t know who this guy is, he is the lead singer of the legendary metal band, Iron Maiden. Even though the book was a short read, it’s still an entertaining as hell book to read. It was definitely different than all the other rock memoirs I’ve read in the past.

You know how in most rock memoirs over the years mostly focuses on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Well in Bruce’s book talks about mostly rock n’ roll but doesn’t talk about sex and drugs. He mostly talked about his career with Iron Maiden and his solo career as well. When it comes to Maiden, he talked about how he made every album he did with them including the newer Maiden albums. I liked reading all the Maiden stuff in the book.

This book is more than just rock and metal, though. Bruce also talks a lot about his love of flying and airplanes. Flying airplanes is his second passion other than music and he also loved fencing. He also talked about how he got into doing radio, writing books and doing film projects. Of course,  he also talked about his experiences of having tongue cancer. He went into depths of having tongue cancer toward the end of the book which was all interesting to read.

If you’re expecting to read a lot about his love life and sex life and all that like a lot of rock memoirs seem to do, you may want to find a different book ’cause he doesn’t talk  about any of that which was refreshing to read. I hate it when rock stars write books and they talk about their problems with women and all that shit. Bruce’s book is NOT an anything goes tell-all book like all the others. He mostly focused on the things he liked to do in his life and of course talked about cancer.

When I was reading the book, he wrote the book as if he was really talking to you and he wasn’t writing it as a novel if you know what I mean. This is just Bruce speaking his mind. This is like Bruce writing a journal or whatever.

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan or a fan of  metal, it’s a great read for all. I’ve been an Iron Maiden fan for a while now. I’m late getting  into their music, but I’ve just started listening to them. I have 5 of their albums on my Ipod now. They’re one of my favorite bands and I find myself listening to them a lot especially their new album, “The Book of Souls”. I find myself listening to that album repeatedly.


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