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The new Iron Maiden album “Senjutsu” is really good, I’m impressed with it!

Man, I can’t stop listening to the new Iron Maiden album that just came out, “Senjutsu”. It’s a really impressive album and I think it’s the best new album the band has done so far. I bought the album digitally on the day it came out Friday Sept. 3rd of this year and listened to it like 4 or 5 times ever since.

I must say that it’s a very risky and ballsy album for the band to do ’cause it’s a very different album then anything else they’ve done in the past. The songs are a lot more mellower and different but they still sound like Iron Maiden and there are still chuggy metal riffs and impressive galloping all over it. There’s still plenty of metal on it even though it’s different.

As always, there’s still some pretty impressive guitar harmony playing with three players playing different things on top of each other. Adrian, Dave and Janick are the players on the new record still and they still bring it.

The album clocks in at over 80 minutes and they save the longest songs ’til last. I don’t mind listening to long songs ’cause I’m used to it after listening to bands like Led Zep, Dream Theater and Rush who are also obsessed with writing long songs. I don’t mind long songs ’cause I write long songs myself. To be honest long songs don’t seem that long to me ’cause of the pacing. Long songs can feel like short songs if that makes sense.

Bruce Dickinson’s singing still sounds killer on this record too. Not bad for a guy who is 63 and just curing himself of cancer and all that. He’s sounding better than ever now. He can still hit the high notes as well.

I’m a longtime Iron Maiden fan and trying to collect more of their albums… at least I’m trying to get all the Dickinson stuff anyways ’cause I know he wasn’t the only singer in the band.

I really liked “Senjutsu” a lot and probably gonna buy the vinyl version of that album sometime in the future. It’s definitely way different than their previous album “The Book of Souls”.

If you’re a metal fan you should definitely check this album out. Loved it!


Bruce Dickinson, singer of Iron Maiden to release memoir on Oct. 19th of this year…

Iron Maiden has went through many different singers over the years but I’ve always thought Bruce Dickinson is their best singer… that’s because Bruce is Iron Maiden. Bruce’s voice fits the band’s style of music perfectly. I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan and have been listening to them for quite a long while. I don’t have a lot of albums by them but just a couple of them — I’m trying to get into their music more, though. The only Iron Maiden albums I have by them are: “Fear of the Dark”, “The Book of Souls”, “The Final Frontier” and I have an “Anthology” 2 disc greatest hits album by them. I’m definitely planning on getting more Maiden albums ’cause my respect for them is immense.

As you can see above, Dickinson is releasing a memoir/autobiography on Oct.  19th of this year. I’m sure he’ll talk about topics like how he joined Iron Maiden, how he got into singing, his love for flying airplanes, tongue cancer and all that stuff. I’m sure it will be a pretty interesting book to read ’cause Bruce is an interesting guy. If you’ve read or have seen Bruce’s interviews with the music press, you would know that he’s smart and interesting. I like Bruce ’cause he’s an honest guy. If you’re one of those people who can’t take brutal truth then you’re probably not gonna like him. That’s why I like Bruce, he just says what’s on his mind and he doesn’t give a fuck. He maybe an outspoken guy but he seems like a nice man, though.

I’m definitely gonna buy this book. I’m sure he’ll go on an autograph tour for it too.


Song Of The Day: “Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden is one of my favorite bands. They’ve always have been. I don’t have much music by them, though. I just have their double Greatest Hits album and their latest record, “The Final Frontier”. I should get more of their studio albums though and will. They’ve always been the greatest and yes, they are another band not in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame yet and they are in need of an induction too.


This is exactly why bands shouldn’t be against music piracy… take note from Iron Maiden!!!!!

Are all bands against music piracy? Are they against fans downloading their music for free illegally? Not all of them. Some of them are actually all for people stealing their music whenever they want to. Metal legends, Iron Maiden has been in touch with a company called, MusicMetric, which is a company that measures data of how well a band does with illegally downloaded music. The company is able to tell how much music is illegally downloaded in countries all over the world. Iron Maiden has found that a lot of people has downloaded their music illegally from countries such as South America, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. Is the band upset for fans illegally downloading their music? Nope. Think again. Seems like they are so flattered that they performed concerts for pirates instead.

Read the full story, here.

See? This is what I’M FUCKING TALKING ABOUT GUYS!!!! It should be all up to the band how they want to release their music, not the labels. There are some bands out there that think music should be a free market and it’s great to see that Iron Maiden is one of those bands who believe in it.

This is their way of taking a stand against the shady music industry and it’s awesome. Makes me respect Iron Maiden even more now!

Music doesn’t always have to be about the money, ya know? It should be about playing music for the people and sharing it. That’s what a lot of these guys do it for. Iron Maiden doesn’t give a rats ass about money and this shows it too! It’s all about the love of music guys. If you let people take your music free… you can get more popular and more fans that way.

I refuse to put my music on Itunes and Spotify ’cause I don’t want people paying for my music. I’ll just let people take it and listen to it. A free music market is a better way to get your music out there.


Report: Bruce Dickinson, singer of Iron Madien takes shots at Metallica…

Metallica may have already buried the hatchet with Megadeth, but it seems that Iron Maiden still has a grudge against Metallica. In an interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Bruce Dickinson admitted he got a backlash for saying Iron Maiden is better than Metallica, but instead of being apologetic, he continued to slam Metallica even more.

Read what Bruce have to say, here.

While I’m sure the Metallica haters would agree and the Iron Maiden haters would disagree, I’m going to side with Metallica on this one. Hell, I fucking LOVE Iron Maiden! I’ve been listening to Maiden for years and even have a few of their albums on my Ipod. While I love the band, I think Bruce Dickinson is nothing but an egotistical asshole. This isn’t the first time Bruce took shots at Metallica publicly in interviews, he’s done it many times before.

On top of that, Iron Maiden has had a long feud with Ozzy & Sharon for years.

As far as Bruce slamming Metallica goes, I think Bruce is jealous that Metallica is more mainstream than them. Plus, Iron Maiden could be mad that they weren’t asked to play on “The Big 4” shows. I don’t think Metallica and Iron Maiden ever toured before. I can see why James Hetfield wouldn’t play with Maiden.

While Metallica isn’t for everybody, people shouldn’t hate on them. They’re good guys. They respect other bands and all they want to do is play their music for the fans.

I hate those kind of bands that think they are better than other bands. Like I said before, you need to leave your ego out the door and let the people do the talking. Thinking yourself as a “better” or “more” talented musician, just makes you look like an ass. That’s what Bruce is, an ass. I’m pretty sure that the boys in Metallica are all Iron Maiden fans as well, so what Bruce is doing to them is pretty disrespectful.

I’m sure we’ll get a response from James Hetfield soon, so I can’t wait to hear his thoughts.


Report: Iron Maiden to release “The Final Frontier” August 17th…

Metal legends, Iron Maiden is set to release a new studio record titled, “The Final Frontier” on August 17th following a summer tour with Dream Theater. See the cover art and track listing here, along with tour dates.


Also, hear a new song from the new album called, “El Dorado” in the video below, and I think it’s pretty good. I think their old stuff is better, but this isn’t too bad. I love Iron Maiden. I’ve listened to them for years. I have the “Essential Iron Maiden” two disc greatest hits compilation on my Ipod.

I would love to see Iron Maiden live if they ever come to Saratoga Springs or Albany.


BREAKING NEWS: Dream Theater and Iron Maiden to tour together this summer in the US!!!

This is a dream come true for metal and prog rock fans. Two legendary bands, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden are about to hit the road together for the first time this summer! Better than that, Dream Theater never performed at Madison Square Garden before and they finally get the opportunity. These are two bands that I have loved for a long time! It’s too bad these two bands aren’t stopping by in Albany but NYC is the closest we get to see the show. This is amazing news. I’d certainly would love to see the MSG show in NYC. This is a history making tour!

I’m probably gonna buy Iron Maiden’s new album, “The Final Frontier” too.




Report: Miley Cyrus an Iron Maiden fan? Here are my thoughts!!

First half naked pics of Miley Cyrus being leaked to the web, then she posed naked with a blanket wrapped around her for a magazine cover, and here is the next Miley Cyrus controversy over a photo.

The pic above is Miley Cyrus, sporting a metal chick look. She’s wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, looking like a metal chick big time when everyone knows she’s a pop star. Everyone is trying to speculate whether or not she’s a big Iron Maiden fan that she claims in the video where she’s naming her favorite Maiden tunes.

See more on it here:


Here are my thoughts on this whole thing. While I know that Miley Cyrus is getting harsh comments by Miley haters about this, I’m no Miley fan, but I’ll have a heart and be positive about this one.

Here’s the deal…whether she’s an Iron Maiden fan or not, this is great publicity for the band themselves. As long as this shit is creating controversy on the web, the band Iron Maiden would think that Miley wearing a t-shirt of theirs is a freakin’ cool thing, man. Seriously.

If I was in one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and if I saw Miley wearing one of my t-shirts, I’d be like, “Woah, cool”. That is Hannah Montana wearing my band shirt! Iron Maiden is probably thinking the same thing. Bruce Dickinson and the rest of the boys in the band are probably loving all this.

I mean fuck man, this is fuckin’ Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana of the Disney fame. Iron Maiden probably never realized they were this huge in the music world until they saw Miley wearing a shirt of theirs.

I’m sure everybody wears music t-shirts that I’m sure you’re not even a fan of, I have a Sting and Eminem t-shirts, I’m not a fan of either of them but sometimes I wear those shirts just for something to wear.

Those that hate on Miley for this, are probably childish people who have nothing better to do but hate on everything. Finally, a good photo of Miley hitting the web that is something not sexual and actually music related!!! Gotta give her credit for this one! Right? 🙂