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John Petrucci’s new solo album “Terminal Velocity”… Can’t stop listening to this one… so damn good!

I’ve been a longtime Dream Theater fan and I’ve heard every album they’ve ever done. John Petrucci has been one of my top 10 favorite guitarists for a long time. I never heard his solo music until now. This is his brand new solo album that he just released titled, “Terminal Velocity”. This is John’s second solo album. John hasn’t released a new solo album since 2005.

Why did John release a new solo album this year? Well because of the Covid-19 pandemic obviously. While Dream Theater isn’t doing anything ’cause of the pandemic, not touring and things like that, John had to keep himself busy playing music so he recorded a new solo record.

This is the first time I’ve heard of John’s solo music and I was real impressed. I’ll tell ya though that John’s solo stuff is definitely way different than Dream Theater. It was nice to finally be able to hear what he could do outside of Dream Theater. The band Dream Theater is known as a prog rock metal band but John’s solo music is totally outside of that realm.

On “Terminal Velocity”, you’ll hear more happier and upbeat rock songs. More jazz and fusion too. Yes, you’ll hear John’s usual guitar shredding but it’s way more musical than Dream Theater. What I love about this album the most is that it reteams John with former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy which is badass.

“Terminal Velocity” is an addicting album. Just got it not too long ago and I find myself coming back to it a lot. It makes me want to buy John’s first solo album, “Suspended Animation” (2005) real soon.

John is a great guitarist and wish that man would get recognized more. I love his playing style. It’s refreshing to hear John do instrumental stuff and I knew he could do instrumental guitar music. “Terminal Velocity” is great. Really loved the album and glad I got it.


Dream Theater coming to Albany at the Palace Theater on Nov. 14th of this year… it’s part of their “Images, Words and Beyond” tour…

I love it when one of my favorite bands plays around here and I would definitely love to go to this show, hopefully.  I fucking LOVE Dream Theater. They are one of my favorite bands. Have been for a pretty long time.  I heard every record they did but I own like several of them  for myself.  I’m still trying to collect all their albums.

I do own their album “Images and Words” which I would have to say that is their best album in the band’s career. That’s what this tour is about… this tour is in celebration of that album’s 25th Anniversary.

Well, Dream Theater is coming to Albany in Nov.  Check it out:


This is fucking awesome and I definitely would like to go. Just gotta find someone to go with, ya know? I’ll think about getting tickets for this one, I’m not sure. I’ve always wanted to see Dream Theater live. I listen to them quite a lot.

I don’t go to national concerts much anymore but I’ll definitely go see Dream Theater if I could. Why not? Their shows look fun to see ’cause I watch a lot of their live performances in youtube.

I’m hoping to go.


More on Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing”…

As I type this blog post, I’m listening to Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing” album again. I wanted to read the lyrics to the album but when I downloaded the album from Itunes, I noticed it didn’t come with a digital booklet so I did some googling for the lyrics and found them.


As you can see the album is written as a screenplay for a movie or something. It tells the story of Lord Nafaryus who appears to be the main character. John Petrucci wrote this story himself and presented it to the band & the labels. Everybody seemed to be on board with the story and concept record so they gave it a go…

It’s a futuristic story taken place in the year 2285. As you can see on the cover of the album it’s futuristic.

Read more on the Astonishing here:


This album was all Petrucci’s creation. He inspired to write this album ’cause he’s a huge fan of “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars” so he created his own story putting both together.

I don’t know what the fans are complaining about but I think it’s an excellent album and an interesting idea. Tell a story by song.

For my own music, I actually came up with an idea to do a concept album myself by giving “Evil Fred” a backstory but I scrapped it. I’m thinking of going back to that idea now that I think about it.


Dream Theater’s new album “The Astonishing” is their best album in their career!!! HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!

I’ve only listened to this album once. I listened to it all the way through from start to finish. It’s a pretty long album ’cause it’s a double album and has a lot of tracks! You know how when Dream Theater does an album, there are like 5 or 6 tracks ’cause all of ’em are like 20 to 30 minute long songs? Well this album is a little different. “The Astonishing” has so many tracks on it ’cause all the songs are pretty short this time around. Fans ever wondered if Dream Theater are capable of writing short songs ’cause they never wrote short songs that much. Finally they did an album of mostly short songs ranging from 2 to 7 minutes. From what I’m seeing, there are no 20 minute songs on this album at all which is cool.

I’m reading a lot of fan reviews saying that this album is a “disappointment” ’cause they say it’s too long and way too mellow. They’re complaining that there are not a lot of heavy songs that shred like they are known for. Yeah most of the songs on “The Astonishing” are pretty mellow and slow but that’s what I like about it. The album shows a different side of Dream Theater. The reason that this album isn’t all that “rocky” is ’cause it’s a concept album. The album wanted to tell you a story by song kind of like Pink Floyd “The Wall” or The Who “Tommy”. When I listened to Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing”, I felt like I was listening to a theatrical play. I felt like I was listening to a staged musical which is what the album is pretty much. The album has characters and stories to tell on it. Since it’s a concept album and wanted to tell a story, you’ll have to expect that not all songs are going to be heavy. There are heavy songs on it if you actually listen to it. The album also has some of John Petrucci’s best guitar playing too.

With that being said I think this is Dream Theater’s best album in their career. I’m gonna give it another listen this week as I’ve just bought my own copy from the Itunes store so I’m now a proud owner of this album. I’m a huge Dream Theater fan. Have been for years. I’ve heard all of their albums and “The Astonishing” is their best record. I knew the band was capable of writing short songs and they proved the doubters wrong.

People are always trashing James Labrie’s singing but in my opinion, I think this album has his best singing too. He’s a good singer, in my opinion and I find it unfair that people criticize him. He just gives what the songs needs. James is a great singer. I wish I could sing like him.

If you’re a Dream Theater fan, you should get this album.


Dream Theater names their next album, “The Astonishing”, will be a double album too…

The mighty, Dream Theater finally finished their next album and they just revealed the title. It will be called “The Astonishing”. It’ll be a double album too, it looks like. It also looks like it’s gonna be a concept album, kind of like the Who kind of thing where the whole album tell a story. The songs on the album looks like are gonna be stories and will have fictional characters.

While there are many tracks on the album, I’m sure most of them will be spoken word stuff telling the story and many of the songs will be just regular songs with James Labrie singing on them. It’s gonna be like a theatrical kind of album kind of like The Who “Tommy”, Pink Floyd “The Wall” and stuff like that.

I can’t wait for the next Dream Theater album as I’m sure it will be pretty epic. They’re one of my favorite bands right now as I’ve been listening to them for a pretty long time. Before the release of Apple Music streaming, I was trying to collect all of Dream Theater’s albums but since Apple Music is here… I got to listen to the rest of their discography. Dream Theater is pretty phenomenal and they’re kind of underrated. They aren’t a mainstream band when they should be.



Iron Maiden announces new studio album titled, “The Book of Souls” to be released Sept. 4th…

Metal legends, Iron Maiden, just announced today that their new studio album, “The Book of Souls” will be released this year on Sept. 4th. Which is good news ’cause I’m a pretty big Iron Maiden fan. I don’t have all of their albums though, just a few of them. I just have a greatest hits album of theirs and I have their previous album, “The Final Frontier”. Will be looking forward to this one too. Look above for the track listing for “Book of Souls”.

This year looks like a decent year for rock music… Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Lamb of God, etc. They all have new albums coming out this year.

Now if Metallica will ever get their album confirmed?


Why Dream Theater is the greatest band on Earth right now…

Dream Theater is one of the greatest rock bands on Earth right now. While they are very underrated and not many people know who they are but at the same time, this band is very successful. It may not seem like it but this band also has their share of haters. Some people do respect them as musicians and stuff but James La Brie who is the singer usually gets knocked for his vocals. I don’t know why. I think James La Brie is one of the greatest rock signers out there. His voice is pretty powerful, in my opinion. He really shows heart with his music when he sings and that’s what makes him amazing.

I think Dream Theater is the Led Zeppelin of this generation. I’m trying to collect all of Dream Theater’s albums in their discography. So far they only have 12 albums and I only have six of them. I’m halfway done collecting their music.

I got interested in Dream Theater years ago ’cause the musicians community have always been talking about them in guitar forums and stuff like that so that’s when I finally decided to check them out and I’ve been hooked to their music ever since. I think the first Dream Theater album I bought was “Octavarium”. Yeah, I was pretty late getting into them but that’s okay.

Dream Theater is a fucking amazing band. John Petrucci is beginning to be one of my favorite guitarists and that’s what I love about the band the most is his guitar playing.

What I love about these guys is that they are not worried about writing hit songs that you can sing along and dance to. They’re about writing music that they are proud of. I admire that in bands. So you’re never gonna see this band all over the mainstream industry. They maybe pretty mainstream in the musicians world but outside of that, no.

The whole band are great musicians. I think John Myung is pretty sick on the bass and Jordan is sick on the keyboards as well. I would love to see Dream Theater live in concert and never got to. So far out of all the Dream Theater albums I’ve listened to, I think “Images and Words” is the best Dream Theater album but that’s just me.

I also can’t wait for the new Dream Theater album later this year as I will get it right when it comes out for sure. I’m sure they will go on tour for it and I hope they do play Albany when they do, though. I would like to get my chance to see them live.

I’d like to see this band get their time in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” ’cause this is one band worthy of an induction.

Dream Theater just rules. They are beginning to be one of my top 10 favorite bands right now.


Why musicians responding to haters or critics is wrong, and unprofessional…

See? Even the famous musicians can have a big problem lashing out at the haters publicly! Mike Portnoy, former drummer of Dream Theater, left D.T. last year. He is still getting a public backlash about leaving D.T. to this day. I believe that this is what he is responding to.

See Mike Portnoy’s official facebook, here

I’m a longtime Dream Theater fan and I used to respect Mike Portnoy, but after seeing how I see him act on his facebook, I just lost my respect. I unliked his facebook page today.

When I first started out in music, I used to have a problem responding to negative backlashes and I used to lash out at the haters, all the time. Over the years, I learn to ignore everything as much as possible. Even to this day, I try my best to not respond to anything negative about me. Why is it wrong for a musician to lash out at people? Bad karma will come back at you for it later. If you continue to respond to critics in a negative way, you will continue to lose support from people who once supported you and you’ll lose your chances at moving forward in your music career. It’ll make you the badguy instead by responding to everything and defending yourself.

People online are usually pretty honest. If they see musicians misbehaving, make no mistake, people will let you know about it. If you act like an asshole, people will let you know about it. I’ve been there, knowing from my own experience. I’m not right on everything I do online. I’ll admit, I say dumb things sometimes and wish I treated people better in the past…but what’s done is done. Can’t change the past. I still get people disliking me because of my past. I still have people who want nothing to do with me because of my online web presence. Some people claim that my web presence is disturbing, but whatever, ya know? I am who I am, there’s nothing people can do about that.

When you’re a musician and put yourself out there publicly, not everyone is going to like you, period. Just be grateful for the mix opinions, good or bad. I learned to be grateful about mixed reactions and learned to handle things better as I go along.

What are ways for musicians to never get any haters or critics? Simply put, just have a positive & professional attitude, at all times. If you can do that, people will be positive to you in return. That’s good karma. Leave your ego out of things. Don’t explain yourself and don’t defend yourself about things. Don’t say one negative thing at all. I’m trying my best to do just that as you can see. Getting better.

With that being said, making photos or videos flipping the bird at the critics or lashing out at them publicly, that’s a childish thing to do in your part. It makes you look ridiculous. I’ll admit, I’ve been bad at times too. Musicians respond to haters, just to get their fans to show them their support as a way to prove the critics that the musician is respected. That is not a way to show the world that you are respected. You earn the respect by carefully putting yourself out there, professionally. The other guys in Dream Theater must be embarrassed by the way Portnoy is acting on his page.

I’ll have more to say on this topic another time.


BREAKING NEWS: Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater!!!

Want some shocking news for the day? Well here it is. Long time Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, announced he left the band today. The reason? To focus on other band projects and move on to other opportunities. Mike originally wanted, Dream Theater, to take a break (not quit), so Mike can focus on his other projects for a while, but the other guys in Dream Theater weren’t up for it. The other guys in DT wanted to go on without him. So Mike accepted their decisions and decided to quit the band. Mike himself revealed the sad news today on facebook, twitter, and myspace.

It’s kind of strange how Mike wants to quit, Dream Theater, since he was the one that formed the band and named the band himself. I’m a big Dream Theater fan myself. I’m also pretty sad of this news. I understand why he wants to move on to other projects but man, Dream Theater is going to be different without him.

He’s making a big mistake, in my opinion. Dream Theater could lose more fans ’cause some of them don’t want to see a Dream Theater show without, Mike behind the drum kit. Mike Portnoy is, Dream Theater. The other guys in the band could easily be replaceable, but with Mike, no. Mike is the most recognizable member and pretty much the leader of the band. Not sure how Dream Theater would sound like with a different drummer. I’m sure am not going to see a Dream Theater concert, without Mike, that’s for sure. Dream Theater is a great band.

Mike is one of the best drummers in music and he constantly does other projects, so maybe he is getting too good for, Dream Theater. I bet when Dream Theater starts doing shows without Mike, they’ll be getting fans chanting, Mike Portnoy’s name, begging him to come back to the band.