Dream Theater coming to Albany at the Palace Theater on Nov. 14th of this year… it’s part of their “Images, Words and Beyond” tour…

I love it when one of my favorite bands plays around here and I would definitely love to go to this show, hopefully.  I fucking LOVE Dream Theater. They are one of my favorite bands. Have been for a pretty long time.  I heard every record they did but I own like several of them  for myself.  I’m still trying to collect all their albums.

I do own their album “Images and Words” which I would have to say that is their best album in the band’s career. That’s what this tour is about… this tour is in celebration of that album’s 25th Anniversary.

Well, Dream Theater is coming to Albany in Nov.  Check it out:


This is fucking awesome and I definitely would like to go. Just gotta find someone to go with, ya know? I’ll think about getting tickets for this one, I’m not sure. I’ve always wanted to see Dream Theater live. I listen to them quite a lot.

I don’t go to national concerts much anymore but I’ll definitely go see Dream Theater if I could. Why not? Their shows look fun to see ’cause I watch a lot of their live performances in youtube.

I’m hoping to go.


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