Unfortunately, getting a flexible body in yoga will be a slow process but it’s worth it, though…

As a beginner in yoga, you’re not gonna get a flexible body right away. Yoga is just like bodybuilding. You know how in bodybuilding, you’re not gonna get a muscular body right away? It’s the same with yoga. If you’re not flexible at all like myself, it’s gonna be a long road to get a flexible body. I have been onto yoga for a long while now and I feel a little bit of flexibility each time I go.

My goal in yoga is to be able to do leg splits. I want to do both kind of leg split… the middle leg split (the side to side leg split like Jean Claude Van Damme does) and the front leg split. I want to do both splits but can’t do them yet. Each time I try them out, I do notice flexibility. I can feel my legs go a little bit wider than before so it’s working and I’m feeling it.

Yoga is a slow process so it can take about a year or a little over ’til I start to really feel something. I’m definitely gonna stay dedicated, though ’cause I’ve been going to yoga class every Wednesday night. So far this summer, I haven’t skipped a week of class. I love yoga class.

I don’t need to do a lot of ab exercises anymore ’cause yoga will give you abs. That’s because yoga does a lot of stuff to your core.

Yoga is really amazing and I’m loving it. Would I ever become a certified yoga instructor? Probably not. I just do it as a hobby and something fun. Yoga is relaxing and it’s another reason I like it.



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