Ralph Macchio is confirmed to reprise his role as Daniel Larusso for “Karate Kid” revival, it’s gonna be a TV show and not a big screen movie…

Well this is interesting… look like a Karate Kid sequel is happening after all but only thing is it’s gonna be a TV show; it won’t be a big screen movie. It will be a 10 episode TV series exclusively to be aired on YoutubeRed first but I’m sure other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others will get it later in the future.

The show takes place 30 years after the first Karate Kid film where Daniel Larusso had his iconic karate bout against Johnny Lawrence. Well, Ralph Macchio is set to reprise his role as Daniel Larusso for the “Karate Kid” revival simply titled, “Cobra Kai” for now. The story will center around Johnny Lawrence now owning the “Cobra Kai” karate school which was previously owned by John Kreese (who was played by Martin Kove in the first movie). The Larusso and Lawrence feud is back on again so it’s looking like they’re about to get their rematch? Seems so!!!

Read the full story here:


Read this article here on why Macchio and Zabka agreed to sign on this project:


I do remember that Hollywood has been trying to get Ralph Macchio on a new Karate Kid movie but he kept refusing. I think they were even trying to get Macchio to star in the remake that starred Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan but Macchio refused.

What do you think? Do you think that Ralph Macchio can still play Larusso after all these years? Yes, I think Ralph still has it. I think he’ll still play the character just fine but keep in mind, though, Macchio is 55 years old now… he’s no kid anymore like he was in the original trilogy.

Some of you may ask why is this show gonna be a comedy? If you think about it, the original trilogy had a mix of comedy, drama and action. So I guess they’re going for the same format for this show? Ya know, in the first Karate Kid movie… that movie had plenty of funny scenes especially all the “wax on, wax off” stuff.

In this “Cobra Kai” TV show, are we gonna see some other familiar faces from the first film? I think it’s a possibility. Maybe we’ll see that guy who screams, “Put him in a bodybag” and laughing his head off. Maybe we’ll see Martin Kove reprise his role as Kreese ’cause that would be fuckin’ awesome! Maybe Elisabeth Shue can return as well.

I’ll watch this show but I’m not gonna subscribe to YoutubeRed. I’ll wait for this show to get on Netflix so hopefully they make it streamable later. I’m a huge Karate Kid fan and glad this is happening.

Ralph is a great actor, though… loved him in other movies such as “The Outsiders”, “My Cousin Vinny” and can’t forget “Crossroads”. I’m sure he’ll do a great job playing Larusso again!



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