Bought 5 albums from Itunes yesterday…

I haven’t bought some new albums in a long while ’cause I’ve been buying guitar stuff, books and other things. I decided to pick up some more albums from Itunes yesterday. Some of you may ask, why do I get so many albums from Itunes? I know, Itunes isn’t everyone’s favorite but I buy a lot of albums from Itunes digitally ’cause you can’t find a lot of albums you want in record stores anymore, ya know? In Itunes you can find almost any album you want. I would like to continue to get older albums on physical CD but you can’t find those in record stores anymore. I buy albums on both formats: digitally and on physical CD.

People stopped buying full albums nowadays but I never did. Nowadays, people are pretty selective of what songs to listen on the album. Not me. I like to listen to the album from start to finish as if it was a piece of art. That’s how an album should be listened to.

Anyhow, here are the albums that bought from Itunes yesterday evening:

-Alice Cooper’s new album, “Paranormal”
-Alice Cooper’s 1971 album, “Love It To Death”
-Yngwie Malmsteen, “Rising Force” 
-The Grateful Dead 1967 self-titled debut album
-Mastodon’s new album, “Emperor of Soul”

I’m an Alice Cooper fan; I’ve always has been but I’ve never bought his music over the years… now I feel it’s finally time to. Last night, I bought his new album and his classic album, “Love It To Death”.

As for Yngwie Malmsteen, I’ve always wanted to get into his music too and people always thought “Rising Force” was his best record so I decided to get that one. I love shred guitar music.

About the Grateful Dead’s first studio album, I’ve always been a Grateful Dead fan. Unfortunately, I never got to see the Grateful Dead live in concert when Jerry was alive. I did hear a lot of the Dead’s live albums and seen their live concerts on TV & youtube and stuff over the years, though. I never considered myself a huge Deadhead ’cause I never followed them in concert but I am a huge fan, though if that makes sense.

As far as Mastodon goes, I’ve been interested in getting into them for quite a while. Somebody at the gym recommended me to start listening to that band so I figure why not? At the gym, I always wear rock band t-shirts and some guy started talking to me about metal and he said, “You should start listening to Mastodon, you would like ’em”. So I’m like, okay. I listened to some of Mastodon’s songs in youtube lately and I’m really liking them a lot so I picked up their latest album.

I love music. I can’t live without it. I don’t feel ashamed at all buying a lot of albums ’cause it’s who I am; I am a music lover. I’ve always bought a lot of albums ever since I was a teenager; it could explain why I have such a huge music collection. Whether playing an instrument or listening to others music, it’s the music that makes me a happy person.



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