I’m gonna start a vinyl record collection ’cause why? They sound much better that’s why!!!!

The vinyl record industry is still around today. It never went away and probably will never go away. I’m probably gonna start a vinyl record collection myself ’cause like the title says, vinyl sounds much better. I can absolutely see why music lovers still collect vinyls ’cause probably the main reason is ’cause of sound quality. There is definitely a difference in sound quality between CD vs. MP3 vs. Vinyl. The way Vinyl sounds, Vinyl sounds way better than CD and MP3. Vinyl sounds louder and you can hear the bass guitar louder too.

I went to an antique fair in the Washington County in Upstate NY to brows around for books and vinyls or whatever. They didn’t have much for books this year but I walked out with 4 vinyls: BB King “Live at the Regal”, Alice Cooper “Killer”, Van Halen “Diver Down” and Tommy James & the Shondells “Greatest Hits”. I listened to all 4 today and they all sounded good.

I know the record industry are still releasing vinyls today. A lot of bands these days have been re-releasing their discography into vinyls. I really love vinyls; they are really awesome! They not only sound better, you actually get to own the album fully without all the legal bullshit behind it if you know what I mean.

I would like to rebuy Led Zeppelin’s discography but this time on vinyl. I would like to get some Ac/Dc, Kiss, the Doors, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Grateful Dead albums on vinyl. Just buy all the albums that I like and buy the ones I want to hear that I haven’t heard yet.

I’m kind of an old-school guy myself. I prefer to listen to an entire album and not be selective of song choices. I know buying vinyls would be pretty pricey but it’s worth it if you want the good sound quality. A lot of old vinyls are gonna be very expensive depending on how valuable they are but you can find cheap vinyls at antique fairs/shops/flea markets and you can find vinyls at buy/used record stores in your town. You’re not gonna find old vinyls in Best Buy/FYE. In Barnes & Noble, they sell vinyls but mostly the new releases.

Listening to music on vinyls is cool. When I was a kid I used to listen to music on vinyls obsessively. That was long before cassettes, CD and MP3 came around. When it comes to vinyls that’s how my love for music all started. It all started on a record player and I want to get back into that.



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