This video is a huge part of why I’ve gotten into bodybuilding and boxing to begin with… it’s not safe in America anymore thanks to race baiter Obama…

I’ve been into bodybuilding for at least several years now or a little more. I’ve just started boxing training but now there’s no boxing class at the Y anymore which kind of sucks but I continue to train in boxing on my own, though. I just practice my boxing skills on a heavy bag at the gym. Well, at least I have some fighting skills so I can stand up for myself with.

A few young white kids were just hanging out on the pier just trying to enjoy their day but all of a sudden they were jumped by black thugs.

Like the title says, it’s not safe in America anymore thanks to loudmouth Obama and other race baiting Democrats. This is what people like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder,  etc. all started. Those guys got black people to hate white people again.

In this day and age in America, you gotta learn to defend yourself when you go out. You gotta hit the gym, lift weights and build muscle. Learn how to fight too like get into boxing or martial arts training. I’m still thinking about getting into martial arts.

If something like this happened to me, I would do whatever it takes to defend myself and others. Something like this wouldn’t have lasted this long and the attackers would have been scared of me. I would have gotten the attackers to run off pretty quickly ’cause my temper can be pretty scary when I lose it. People haven’t seen me pissed off in person before but if you ever got to, watch out.

These kids that were attacked were pretty weak and couldn’t defend themselves. They just let those thugs beat them up. If you don’t feel like learning how to fight, then this is a whole reason for a gun permit, y’all. Things like this is what guns can be useful for. Think about it, right?


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